Rare, Old Guns This is a catch all sale forum for pump, double action, or semi auto's built prior to 1995 Old Parts for these guns are also welcome here

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Price Drops: de-whoring post. Lots of guns/parts for sale.

PRICES IN RED LOWERED. Last chance before Ebay
Well, it's time I reclaim some office space, and clean up a bit since a new family member is on the way in the next few months. No, I’m not leaving paintball…it just looks like it with all this stuff…this is barely half the stuff I own. I'm looking mostly for cash, although there are a few limited trades I would consider. See the bottom for a list of trades. All prices are certainly negotiable. Shipping will be a flat $8.00 on all markers/large items (I use flat-rate boxes for almost everything.) Small parts will be only $3.00 (padded mailer or small box). Some items will say SHIPPED if shipping is included. Shipping can definitely be combined if several items/guns are ordered. Paypal preferred, but not required. Additional photos can be provided if needed. I'll do my darndest to describe things acurately. Click on the thumbnail images to see 'em larger. Now, on to the list!

Parts First:

1. Heavy guage remote coil with screw on/off - $15SOLD
2.Tasco 3-7x15 eliptical view scope, weaver rail style - $10
3.Bob Long Cyclone II bolt for Spyders, used once - $10
4.lapco chrome tippmann 98 to pro-carbine barrel adapter, never used - $10
5.Real abalone mother of pearl .45 grips with eagle/floral etching. Small chip on upper screw hole on front of one grip, and rear of one grip. Came off a 1911 I used to own. One is a little thinner than the other -$15
6. Chrome Drop forward, inline screw hole pattern - $5
7. Chrome cocker grip frame with Freak clear rubber grips, no guts. -$12
8. Old school CO2 tank. Stamped 12/88 - $10 SOLD
9. Left handed padded belt holster. -$5

10. Sheridan Pursuit pistol rear ASA -$10
11. Sheridan slip-on muzzle break - $8SOLD
12. VM-68 valve tool -SOLD
13. VM-68 feed neck, w/most of the "magic fingers" (one "finger" nipped a little short) -$5
14. Lone Star/"stowaway" grip bottom line adapter with extra long screw and bottomline ASA. - $15
15. Disregard..I think I made an extra number...see #12
16. Palmer's (I believe) Sheridan UMB - $20 SOLD

17 & 18. Old school Indian Springs hoppers with good lids. - $10 each, 1 left, 1 sold
19&20. Old school 50 rd. pump pods, with OD green heavy canvas belt pouch. Nice shape, Velcro secured. - 1 available, 1 SOLD

21. VM-68 threaded J&J Ceramic barrel. New, never used. -SOLD
22. SPyder Threaded barrel with spiral porting, unknown origin -sold
23. CMI (I think) Spyder threaded barrel, nice blue anno, never used -$12
24. Tippmann 98 threaded DYE barrel, used - $15


25. VM-68 with original brass barrel. Fairly good shape, may have been a rental, since there's a B6 lightly etched on one side. Tiger striping is nice and clear. Plastic side plates replaced with nice metal ones. Only real paint loss is on the hand guard. Nice and loud! SOLD

26. PMI/Sheridan 68 Magnum. Very nice shape, the blackening is probably 80-85%, some pump wear. Holds air and fires great. Even has a feed neck (so many disappeared over time). Only minor problem is that about 1/3 of the plastic feedneck "plate" (affixed to the block by 2 screws) has broken off. The feed tube still sits firmly in place. Brass trigger shoe, pebble-textured 2 piece combat grips. Quite a nice gun, but I already own one. - SOLD

27. Aerostar Assassinator pump. 007 based conversion. 12 gram drop out changer in rear. Two-piece body/barrel. Aluminum pump. Original nelson ball-end thumb screws. Some paint has rubbed off trigger group, and grips are mismatched (1 brown, 1 black) Decent shooter. Haven’t used since last summer, but it held air and shot well then -SOLD

28. WWP Black Widow. Unibody construction. Former rental, so there’s some nicks and scratches. Rear CA. Aluminum pump. Fairly beefy as far as pumps go. Essentially the same thing as the Razorback. Tested today, holds air and shoots-SOLD

29. Very nice Tippmann SL68 II. The black on it is probably 98-99%, and looks like mostly shelf wear. The feedneck is perfectly intact, and even comes with the metal modern hopper adapter. Also comes with a plastic adapter. Holds air and shoots. Probably could use a few drops of oil, as I heard a very faint hiss for just a moment when I aired her up today. This one was in storage for years. -SOLD

30. Tippmann Prolite. Another very nice Tippy, very clean and looks hardly used. Airs right up and shoots. Another one rescued from storage. -SOLD

31. Sheridan PGP2k. Comes with original box and barrel plug. Hi-Viz Sites, plastic plugs and speed feed are intact, and the gun is very clean, with almost zero exterior wear. Only thing strange about it is that the barrel was cut down flush with the front of the top tube. There’s a few faint scratches inside the front of the barrel, but it looks polished. Who knows why someone did this….probably didn’t like the long barrel. Anyhow, -$65SOLD

32. Splatmaster Rapide, comes with two 20-rd magazines. This is one fun gun. I’ve shot about 50 rounds through the thing in the backyard, and had a blast. I just don’t play with it enough. It’s in great shape. I got it in a box of goodies last year, from a guy who had bought several guns in the late 80’s for his kids. Kids didn’t like playing, so they sat in the attic basically unused for years. This one is in nice shape. - $65SOLD

33. Early edition Spyder Compact. Basic design, left power-feed. Comes with brass-lined barrel. Has seen some field time, so it has it’s small nicks and bumps. Airs up and shoots. -SOLD

34. Early (1st?) edition Spyder, with some nice aftermarket upgrades. Long chrome DYE barrel with muzzle porting, PMI Perfect Expansion Chamber, Indian Creek Designs 45 grip frame (I’ve never seen an ICD frame on a Spyder before this) with fairly nice wood grips. I don’t know what brand the grips are, but I’m guessing probably SP. A few very minor scratches on the left grip panel, but overall the gun is in great condition. I almost want to keep it, but I never use Spyders. -$80

35. Brand new PMI USP pistol. Never been shot. There’s a whole story behind my picking this up, but I won’t bore you with it. Basically, after nearly 5 months of putting up with an idiot dealer tying up my money, I finally got a USP, but in the wrong color. I have the spring kit for it too, which I will include. I lost interest in this pistol by the time it arrived, and had already moved on to something else. It’s been in my closet for over a year now. I hope someone here can put it to good use. -SOLD

36. PT Xtreme with bottomline kit installed. Comes with the longer aftermarket barrel, and the original short stock one. Fun little gun. I got this from Fluff in a trade at Fall Castle. 10 rd spring fed tube magazine (detachable). Airs up and shoots. -$60SOLD

37. This one is a little different. It’s an old TASO Typhoon. The whole thing is an olive green color. It has an unusual pump arm configuration, in that the two pump rods are not at the standard 180* postion on the aluminum pump handle. It’s more like their at the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions. The barrel and body are two-piece, with a groove in the barrel held to the body via small set screws. This one is missing one of the pump rods, and is also missing it’s bolt and spring. WYSIWYG, with a few screws added too. If no one is interested in it, I may put it back together for display only, and donate it to EMR. For now, -$SOLD

38. Brand new, never worn RAP4 vest with optional cross-draw holster. This is the Large version, which fits 2XL-4XL guys. Fully adjustable shoulders and lace up sides. There are 2 double pod packs that attach via Velcro and corner snaps to the front or back. The right-side holster does the same. The holster will fit splatmasters and PGP’s fine. Or, you can remove it. Pod pouches can be mounted left/right/up/down. This was an impulse purchase for me, and I decided I liked a different setup. Therefore, it has sat in my closet, and never seen a game. -$75 SHIPPED (with the included holster and shipping, this is about $20 cheaper than the RAP4 site)

39. Crossman stock. Came from an air rifle, looks to have been modded via an additional drilled hole, for a Nightmare or something similar at one time. -$20SOLD

40. Adjustable length air-through stock. Screws into any ASA. Has male QD nipple on stock for remotes. Slightly used. -$18 SOLD

Okay! That’s it for now, until I can gather up any other things kicking around here to maybe add later on. Send me a PM or email if you’re interested in anything. I am up for some trading, for select wants of mine. Even if it means 2-for1’s, or 3-for-1’s, etc. I cannot add any cash to any trades right now. Considered trades are:

An Aggitating Hopper (Revvy, Ricochet, Halo, Egg)
SC vertical or horizontal feed Phantoms
Ariakon Overlord or Tiberius Tac8 pistol
Anything Palmer’s (I’ve never owned anything palmer, so I’d like to try )
Drop-leg Pod holders or tube holders (think opsgear, PBmafia, RAP4, etc)
KP’s or other wood-stocked markers
Tippmann A5
Splatmaster aftermarket parts or upgrades
Or, offer away. You might have something that peaks my interest that I haven’t thought of. Thanks!

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chuff chuff
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Are those 100 round hoppers? If so I'll take both.
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Hey Luke
Can I get some more pics of the Taso?
Originally Posted by El Gringo View Post
I am not a gun whore, I am a gun HOARDER
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hobbes:I believe that's what they are....or maybe technically 90 round hoppers.

Sure paul, no prob. Gotta go get the camera and find some more batteries...almost killed them awhile ago.
"We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." - Winston Churchill
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Pm was sent about number 22 barrel. Those are 100 rd'ers or 90's like luke said.
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22 Sold to Cunha
17&18, 39 pending to Hobbes
"We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." - Winston Churchill
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pm sent

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pm sent, #16
My wife keeps asking me why I need more markers?..........why does she do that?

WTB..... SMG clip catcher, SMG internal air line.
WTB .... Oct/88 APG.Got it, Thanks Dan

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pm sent, #8
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Originally Posted by Be4life182 View Post
ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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pm sent on #1,40
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