Rare, Old Guns This is a catch all sale forum for pump, double action, or semi auto's built prior to 1995 Old Parts for these guns are also welcome here

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Nelspot, VM, Razorback, Spyder. Also Misc Mag and Nelson Parts

Sale Has Ended

Nelspot 007
Decent shape, usual wear and tear, bore is a bit pitted but par for the course with most nellies. She's a good shooter and I hate to get rid of her, but I have two, and this ones been gathering dust.

-Pump arm
-Brass Trigger Shoe
-DIY Aluminum Speed Wheel
-Adjustable bolt (double tapped)
-Lapco SS Hammer

Early, non-ambi body (left side cocking only). Not prisitine, She's seen her fair share of use. Could use some new feed fingers.

-Sight Rail
-Venturi Bolt
-VM to Autococker Barrel Adapter
-16 inch Armson Barrel
-Field Strip Screws

WWP Razorback = Sold
Great Shape. Works Perfect. Non Adjustable bolt.

-Carter Style Return Spring
-Extra Trracer Style ASA with Razorback Jet Set

Spyder Aggressor
Bought this with the intention of getting my wife to come out for a few games. Guess it didn't take.

-Benchmark Frame
-Venturi Style Bolt

AGD Y-Grip = Sold
Prisitine. used only once. Looks great, just didn't feel right to me. I like Single triggers.

AGD Reverse Classic Valve = Sold
Non matching, needs an on/off assembly.

AGD Mag Body = Sold
Pump milled, was spray painted black, but I removed the crap paint job.

Automag Sight rail = Sold
Matte Black. Looks sexy. Causes opponents to wet themselves with fear in the presence of it's awesomeness.

Twist Lock Barrels

SP All American 12 inch = Sold
Crown Point = Sold

Taso 12 inch = Sold

Armson 13 inch = Sold

SP All American 14 inch = Sold

SP Venturi 6 inch = Sold

Single arm Pump handle = $5 shipped - Sold to sethumich

Nelspot 007 Barrel Extension = $15 shipped Sold to califlipinfornia

Nelspot Battle Grips = $25 shipped - Sold to Odjur
Previous owner tried to knaw through the right side grip. Always remember to bring snacks with you for a long day of paintball.
Anyhow, I'm a southpaw and have no use for 'em.

Super Sexy Brass Hammer
Looks to be a Lapco, it's the golden hued twin of the SS Lapco hammer in the 007 for sale above. I don't see these too often.
Feel free to School me if I'm wrong.

Nelson PowerTubes X2
Not sure of the make on these, but they're in decent shape.

Nelson Valve Nut

Sheridan Valve Tool

VM-68 Cup Seals X2

BE Nightmare Feed Tube Plug = $10 shipped- Sold to PW

Barrel Bag = Gone to Chaos

Survival Games Righty Holster = $15 shipped - Sold to Odjur

No trades, sorry, trying to make room in my tiny shack of a house.

Reduced shipping for combined items.

Shipped prices are US only.

Oh, If you would like to purchase an item, and you're going to Pumpers this weekend, we can skip the shipping and save a few bucks.

Thanks gang.
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I'll take the barrel bag
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Pump MiniMag
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nice 007! if i hadnt just bought one, it would be gone already

and ill take the sheridan valve tool at pumpers

and be sure to take that 007, and the extra's with you. if they are not already sold at pumpers i might take them off you aswell
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PMed you about a couple barrels
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Nelson PowerTubes X2 = $5 each shipped

Nelson Valve Nut = $5 shipped

Sheridan Valve Tool = $5 shipped

Survival Games Righty Holster = $15 shipped

i ll take it
My hand made custom with hand tools
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Gahh, I want a nelly...need to sell stuff...

If I make it to pumpers and you still have it...I might come looking for you.
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Offer sent on razorback and pump handle.
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I'll take the Reverse 'Mag valve.
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Pm'd you about the nelspot barrel extension
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