Rare, Old Guns This is a catch all sale forum for pump, double action, or semi auto's built prior to 1995 Old Parts for these guns are also welcome here

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Wharf Rat's Garage Sale - All New Prices!

There are a few more price reductions and a couple of new guns, please look through the list again, no trades. NO TRADES-

Please send all replies or questions to I will not reply to posts in this thread, PM’s, or emails to other accounts.

Items will be sold to people in the order that they send emails saying they will buy the gun. I will estimate shipping and write you back – please do not pay until you hear from me. Emails with questions, or “maybe” statements will not take precedence. Once you say “I will buy it” the gun is on hold for you for 48 hours unless it is already sold.

I haven’t tested these all, I am describing as honestly as I can. I believe the guns hold air and shoot unless otherwise stated in their description. They may need velocity adjustment or respringing. If you receive a gun that is not what you expected I will adjust the selling price to your satisfaction or refund it. I’d rather lose money than friends.

Estimates are: single gun $12, heavier gun $15, gun with stock may be more, thermo tank guns will be more like $20. I will combine shipping on multiple items.

I prefer Paypal – a lot
I will accept cash or MO if I know you pretty well, as I have to wait for it to come. If I don’t know you, use Paypal. If you aren’t sure if you I know you ask yourself the following questions: “What is Wharf Rat’s actual name, what kind of motorcycle does he ride and does he vote liberal or conservative?” You can get extra credit for answering, “Why does the item numbering in this ad omit one of the numbers?” If you can’t answer those you should use Paypal.

Did I mention no trades?
Prices are firm, I’ll look at what doesn’t sell and repost what’s left next week with new prices.

Thanks everyone, this will be a big challenge for my organizational skills, so bear with me.

2 PMI II with old school ball feed , thin paint under pump grip. Rare gun with no modifications $100

5 Apex Elite converted to SC by Punisher. This used to belong to B. It’s an older restoration, still pretty nice. $100

6 P68AT. This gun has only a few small marks. This is sniper city – the long barrel helps aiming, I’ve used it in scenario games and it’s big fun. $110

7 Pending Old School PGP with thermo tank on stock This was a major warrior’s gun about 20 years ago, Very funky and fun. $75

8. Pending P68SC with ball gate/fast loader on the magazine. This gun is in 98+ condition. The knurling on the CO2 knob is even unmarked. $150

9. PMI Turbo Valve in original blister packed. This is sealed, but shop worn. Don’t buy this to use, it’s a collector’s item. It won’t make that much difference to your gun unless you drill the body out, anyway. $35

10. Early PGP with knurled pump grip. 95+ condition with a very few marks. $90

12 NIB Chameleon Kit I think everything is there, it is untested. $75

14 pending NIB Sharpshooter Sight – first model (short body) with instructions in box. $40

17 Minimag with short barrel. The valve has 4 stars. It stays back once in a while, I think it needs a shim change. No trigger guard, but it’s short and fast and fun to shoot. $100

18 sold I don’t use the word “rare” much, but I think this one is. It’s a left hand sniper in awesome shape. Yep, the feed tube is on the left side. It has smart part grips but I believe the rest is original. The serial number is 3973 $150

19 Pending PMI I with Thermo valve and stock This is another old school shooter that looks great and shoots fine. $100

22 Apex shorty – This gun has the original screws and is almost perfect except for an area on the left side of the body that has a weird mark. It looks like a rag with thinner was laid on the gun, and marked the anno. $100

23 VM 68 “Bazooka” – with stock, this has a few marks but it a great shooter for scenarios or anytime you want to feel some recoil. I think it needs a cup seal. $65

27 Pending Combat Connection Enforcer II with stock and thermo tank. This gun is extremely collectible, especially with the Old School thermo setup – look it up on VintageRex. $125

28 PMI II in 98+ condition. This is the hardest to find Sheridan pistol in really nice condition (other than the mythological side tube PG, of course). $135

29 Taso solder-on feed tube for gun conversion. NIB on blister card, but shop worn $15

32 4” barrel extension for Sheridan, labeled “Predator”, new in package $20

33 Rifle project. This used to be a cartridge valve P68SC. I added a D/F tube and sidetap, and include a nice trigger group and stock in restorable condition including trigger guard. Cartridge valve included. It is highly polished nickel finish, has a few small marks from banging around in the storage bin it’s rested in for the last few years. $120

Thanks for looking! Peter
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The Phantom Parts Gun and Nova, photos please. I am very interested. Thanks
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"Apex Elite converted to SC by Punisher. This used to belong to B. It’s an older restoration, still pretty nice with a lathed down pump handle that’s really sharp. $125" Wharfrat

My dear Peter the pump is stock execpt for the relife milling to clear the feed block.

shoot me a PM when you have time I have something for you.
Originally Posted by Azzy;

I think we are being hit by a tsunami of stupidity.
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If you still have #4 the beater Nightmare LB in a week let me know. I'll have cash then and I'll take it off of your hands.
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answers to questions

Titus, the pix are attached to the first message. Click on the links to see the guns.

Scarey, the LB is gone

thanks for the early responses, I will remove items as payments register. P
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E-mail sent on the nightmare sb, also interested in the phantom now if other interest has dropped

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Send a message via AIM to HurtCow

Pete, you Harley-riding liberal, I'll take the CCM pump kit off your hands next Sunday, as well as the cash for the piece I already have from you.
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OOOOOh, sorry Curt - that pump kit is joining our favorite chef's collection. See you Sunday, and pray for weather cooler than yesterday's 111. As The Mask said, "it's SMOKIN' "
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e-mailed you about the P-12. Reaaaly want it.

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"21 68 Magum with undercocking kit and sidetap. I forget who was doing this pump conversion, but this is a nice one. A little polishing would have this gun turning heads big time. $150"

Could you get me more detailed pics of this gun(right and left) please!

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