Rare, Old Guns This is a catch all sale forum for pump, double action, or semi auto's built prior to 1995 Old Parts for these guns are also welcome here

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Happy and homeless
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Old Hurc, O/U Nasty, 2x Houndstooths, Carters, Sniper 1, Sterling

Unicorns, fancy stuff and other odd stuff.

The "other thread"

- Shipping is from Canada via Canada Post/USPS
- Paypal only
- Some prices are OBO, others are firm
- Please PM if your interested in something
- Not looking for trades unless it's high end Canon camera gear
- Selling this gear to fund a touring bike $$$

Right feed
Back bottle
UMB and bottom lined
Nice shape
I've owned this one twice oddly

$325 shipped OBO

Right feed
Back bottle
UMB and bottom lined
Nice shape, missing front sight pin
Auto trigger

$325 shipped OBO

Sniper (good shape, some scratches)
JJ 12" barrel (outside scratched up, inside perfect)
Female Stab in nickel
Alum pump kit of some sort
WGP swing frame
$150 shipped OBO

- Serial 182
- Fresh rebuilt from PPS
- Works (ran 12 grams)
- Wedgits
- Ball detent
- Heavy duty stock
- $800 firm

- Parts gun
- RTR stock tube
- Works
- Has green matching stock (not picture)
- EDIT: Has a DF adapter and a few extra springs and such
- $325

- (Nestle??) Stock class Sterling
- JJ edge kit in Sterling thread
- Works
- $200

- Sniper 1
- Serial 447
- Sheridan frame
- SS barrel 12"
- Works
- $280

- 2 mags
- 2 barrels
- Stock
- Needs work to get running
- Prefer not to ship to USA on this one
- $230

- Serial O/U 006
- First O/U PPS pump/maybe first O/U pump in paintball (not sure)
- 8" barrels
- Cocker detents
- Deep wedgits
- Vertical ASA as scratch up from removal
- 4" Pump handle
- Works well, highly entertaining
- Has wear on the body from the pump handle (in the picture)
- May not sell, not sure
- First owner
- $800

- Carter Tricar
- Works
- Dropout changer
- In Yo Face stock
- Works
- $170
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
we're talking about camping, not being homeless
Vagabond living on the side of the road in East Asia.

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part the 12" stainless barrel on the sniper?
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good lord I want either of those Houndstooths... I wish I had something to offer my friend, but am peniless...

If you feel like donating one, LMK, I will give her a good home until you want it back!
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trades for the Sniper with the nickel stab? PM me
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Originally Posted by sparky View Post
- Not looking for trades unless it's high end Canon camera gear
Lets just could get any CCM in any set-up on that O/U?.........Just saying........

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Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
We don't lower the bar so that everyone can get an A. That's a foolish notion.
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Ugh. That wood is soooooo cherry.
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