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War0411 02-25-2013 03:42 PM

KP2 w/ lots of goodies (New Trades Added)

Hey all, I'm posting my KP2 up to see what offers roll in. I've spent several weeks getting things together for this project, and it's finally almost finished (Just needs a polishing). I'm not in any rush to sell/trade it, and I may end up just taking this thread down, should I decide to keep it. As far as trades, I'm mostly looking for a new space gun since I sold off all of mine a while back. PM me for the fastest response, but I will check this thread frequently.

On the marker:
- Walz brass work (Sleeving and front sight)
- Walz pirate stock (New)
- Walz brass pump rod (Hexagonal, not round. Also new.)
- BOS/ECAP's custom pump handle (Cut to allow clearance on the sleeving)
- New Palmer's Dyna Valve (Just put it in on 2/23)
- Palmer's quick changer
- Palmer's quick feed

What else is included/not pictured:
- Titus bolt
- PGP feed plug, stock aluminum pump handle, and pump rod
- KP Safety (Not installed since the stock wasn't cut for it)
- The original valve (if I can find it, but it was also leaky)

Price: $620 OBO (Mostly wanting trades instead of outright selling it)

- High end spool valves or a G6R w/ SLP
- CCM'd markers or CCM's
- Rare cockers/snipers
- Nice stock class markers (I'm pretty particular about SC markers)
- I love most anything custom (Especially pneumatic-assist)
- High end headphones/earphones (Studio/audiophile quality)
- Camera equipment
- I'm open to most anything in and out of paintball

I can provide more photos if needed, but it may take some time to get them b/c I live in a dorm. (It's a bit difficult to get things set up, and I have a busy schedule this week)

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