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Buy my Palmerized KL #5... AKA, I'm severely broke and it's an emergency.

Well as you all know I make it a point never to sell any of my nice markers, ever... but since I don't own much else and need to immediately get extra money to deal with finances here, I have to change my hoarding ways.

Up for sale is one of the most valuable and desirable markers in my collection, an original Brett G. "KL" Lever action, serial number 5, pictured here:

This beautiful marker is in pristine condition, Palmers dust nickel finish and tuned flawlessly throughout. Wedgits in the barrel, speed change 12 gram, fiber optic front sight with ghost ring rear. Convertible stick feed on top, easily configured to a small hopper setup if you so desired. Hardwood in great condition (satin finished), so is every other surface on the gun (internally as well). This marker is a particularly wicked shooter, very accurate with the sights and it sounds excellent as well (soft on paint too).

Price will be $1500 Canadian or best offer, need to sell by the 21st, prefer local sale and may let it go for a bit less if so. Paypal or cash ideally.

Also: My PMs are full, if you're going to contact me, do it via email, facebook, text, in person, etc.

edit: my email by the way, apoc one zero one at gmail dot com.

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Damn that is clean. Very nice!
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Hmm.... this looks delicious...
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I wish I could afford it.

I saw that clip on front sight and bought one last night, I've been wanting one forever. Now I just need to see if they make clip on weaver / dovetail rails or if I'm going to have to make one.
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Interested I might free up some funds by next week.

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good to know, let me know and make an offer
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Price will be $1500 Canadian or best offer
Well, time for me to start offering my body on the streets again.

GLWS, such a pretty marker

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Looks like since he needs cash it is time to start lowballing for a sexy marker...
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What kind of front sight is that and where did it come from? I would love one for my KP.

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