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therealjt 03-30-2014 08:49 PM

THE Dueling triplets
I have the dueling triplets that Rambopreacher had PPS build. I do not know a whole lot about them but could probably get some info on them if need be.

I am not parting them, I have no interest in trades. Price is $1500 obo and includes the acrylic case.


Cunha 03-30-2014 10:49 PM

Dang. I wish I could pick these up, such a cool thing from PPS forum history (for me anyways!)

Best of luck with the sale. Take some more out door pictures so we can appreciate their greatness.

destro7976 03-31-2014 08:07 AM

It would be good to hear the story...:)

therealjt 04-03-2014 06:08 AM

TTT price is OBO
I will try and get some outdoor pictures this weekend

KPCS 04-04-2014 07:38 PM

So you got these. I wondered who had these.
I heard Ranbopreacher sold them but didn't know to who.

I wish I had the money for these.

Ken W

Cunha 04-04-2014 08:08 PM

I think they were a gift to therealjt

therealjt 04-05-2014 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by Cunha (Post 2933417)
I think they were a gift to therealjt

That is correct.

Rancid1845 04-05-2014 06:36 PM

Wonder why there's three.

Cunha 04-06-2014 02:44 AM

Good, bad, ugly.

therealjt 04-06-2014 05:01 AM

Knowing who had them made I'm guessing trinity...

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