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Hey guys, sorry I haven't stopped on the site earlier and addressed this, I don't come here much anymore. I am in contact w/the guy, and finally got an agreed upon price. He must've slipped up finally or felt at ease w/me b/c the last time he emailed me his personal email showed up. His name is Giovanni Poetrius. He is a known scammer from a thread on Pbnation, here's the link to that: Blautsauger(poetrius Giovanni) RUNIED MY FEEDBACK - PbNation

His email is

I was hoping that the seller was legit and really didn't know what he had was stolen, but it doesn't look like this is the case. So there's an extremely good chance this deal will not happen, and I want to make sure EVERYONE here realizes that this deal is more than likely a fraud so please do yourself a favor and stay away from him! If it doesn't work out, I'm going to put the fear of god in him and basically tell him that although the statute of limitations are past and no legal ramifications can be taken, there won't be a single place in the internet that he can try to sell this gun w/o everyone knowing it was stolen and that the seller is a scammer!

Let's see what I can do to get this marker from this POS and back to Cip!

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Sigh... Was hoping it wouldn't end up being the same scammer. Thanks, Wedge, for doing the investigative legwork.

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Good luck man, it sounds like a fun job that is ahead.
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This was found by Docfire on CC, I think it was from Pbnation after he scammed a bunch of people on some markers


Originally Posted by docfire View Post
Kings County WA

Cross-Jurisdiction Cooperation Results in Felony DV Conviction: State v. Giovanni: Defendant Poetrius Giovanni was originally charged with Fourth Degree Assault (a misdemeanor) in Renton Municipal Court for punching his girlfriend in the face. Under a specially-funded program, the PAO has assigned a domestic violence prosecutor to work with police departments and city prosecutors to better identify when misdemeanor domestic violence cases should be more appropriately charged as felony crimes, based on the evidence presented. DPA Gabrielle Charlton reviewed Gionvanni's case and discovered that the victim had suffered significant bruising and several days of pain as a result of the punch. Charlton determined that the level of injuries caused by the defendant supported amending the charges from misdemeanor assault to Third Degree Assault (a felony). The evidence against Gionvanni was so strong, that DPA Chris Bell was able to obtain a guilty plea to the felony charge. On January 7, the defendant was sentenced to six months in jail.


Phone: (425) 430-9531
17515 118th Ave Se Apt B6,
Renton, King County, WA-98058

Poetrius Giovanni lives in Federal Way, Washington.
Location - Federal Way, WA, US
Address - 1515 S 284th St
Phone - (206) 249-8003
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So, like we all knew he would, he found this thread and sent me an email asking me to pull his picture since I didn't get his/the photographers permission to post it. I'm checking on the legality of that, so for the moment I'm going to pull the picture, but will not pull any post that is of public record or personal opinion. Here was my email sent back to him! I don't expect to hear back from him, but in case I do, I may need some assistance from members to help get this marker back to it's rightful owner!

I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll contact the police and my personal family attorney to see what they think about the posts! Did you really think I wouldn't have thought about you following the thread if it was posted? You have an entire thread dedicated to the scams your allegedly involved with that is still on Pbnation! So here's what is going to happen!

I WILL be going to check on the legality of posting the picture and personal information! But there is no way I'm not posting the information about that marker being stolen and all the events that have transpired w/it!

The ONLY way I will remove everything that I have posted (I'm gonna leave the thread deletion to the mods! I'm not doing anything w/anyone else's posts!) is if this deal gets done and the marker gets back into either the original owners hands or a third party!

Since this is obviously out in the open that this marker was indeed the stolen one from Washington, here is going there to be my final offer. And this offer is from a donation pool from members of different communities with the sole intention of giving the marker back to it's rightful owner. I am willing to offer you $400, no questions asked, no authorities, nothing! There's no way I'm sending you money and having it shipped, since there is already a history of someone sending you money for the marker and you sent a brick to a local business in the same zip code. Although, that would be considered mail fraud, and a federal offense, if rather not have to deal with that headache!

If you are indeed in Wexford and do have the marker, I can contact several members to see if they would be interested in meeting. If you wish to do a more anonymous deal, I will personally pay for a third party service to do the transaction!

I don't expect you to take the deal, or hear from you again, but that's your choice. When you decide to sell it again in another year, I might not be the one contacting you about it, but I can pretty much guarantee if you post it on the internet, someone from AO, CC, MCB, or Pbnation will find it and know exactly the circumstances behind it. If you want to try selling it at a Pawn Shop, good luck getting more than $200 for it, b/c they don't know what the hell it is. You could also destroy it....go ahead, the old owner has been resolved to the fact he'll never see it again. We are offering $400!

I'll update the thread on MCB and let everyone know you know about the thread and what you have told me. I will also research third party operations and give you options. I will also find out if there are any members who want to meet up w/you if you are truly in the Wexford area, or if your still in WA, around your area. Just let me know where you really are and we'll go from there.

If I don't hear from you, you won't hear from me again!

Yet another MCB CCM gunwhore!

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Before meeting up with this thief and beater-of-women, you may want to review this post about Poetrius Giovanni first.
Originally Posted by Custom Cowboy View Post
Laments-Song on deviantART

EDIT again: One of his shots on Deviant Art. Its him in the back.

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Hope it all works out. I remember the last time this came up.
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I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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Win or lose $400... Your choice.

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