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Those cleaned up well.
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Originally Posted by Chaos View Post
Got them in yesterday and man were they rusty inside. They were old field rentals from California Paintball Ranch wherever that is/was

Got them both cleaned up and removed as much if he rust off the hammer and powertube assembly as possible and freed up the velocity adjusters

The Trracer now has the delrin slide I had on my Hammer and the Tagmaster is pumping very smoothly.
Added ReconSWS's grip to the Tagmaster and have a bolt action FS body I'm gonna get set up for it as well if I can get the spare brass bolt I have from my Hammer to cooperate
Wow, that's a great find for the price...although, I'm guessing the price was considering their condition. What sights did you add to the Recon slide, and did the rear sight just bolt in the rear sight rail hole on the body?
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Thanks guys I got the Brass hammer bolt to work with the Trracer / Tagmaster hammer now I just have to give it a proper test as long as goes well I'll have a 3D printed bolt action Trracer / Tagmaster and I'll probably be selling it. Keeping a tracer with my slide on it. To answer your question the sites there are for a rifle I got them at Cabela's but that is not a Reconslide that they are mounted to
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