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Help for a new redux owner

Redux # 53 aquired....

So prior to purchase I read as much as I could about the markers. I tend to research the hell out of stuff before I purchase. Very impressed with the construction. Heavy but very very solid. Got the marker yesterday, had chance to shoot it today. So have a few questions, hope some vets can help out.

1. When not aired up, marker cocks.
Is this normal? I've owned cci's in past and other Nelson based. Only other that did this was buzzard.

2. When aired up, if cock to aggressively per say, the pump action opens the valve and gives a little " psst" each time. Is there a way to correct ? Or have to cock slowly and less aggressive? Is this a spring issue ? Main to hard for valve spring?

Details: from looks after taking apart, gun appears stock: springs, valve assembly, cup seal, hammer, bolt, etc. this is a gen 2 or 1.1 I believe based on the one piece feed and serial number.

Any insight much appreciated, thank you all.
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I hate to put it like this, but it's a design flaw with the gun itself. With the second generation ones, they milled them to use standard CCI internals. The first gen models also used CCI guts, but the bolts had an extra hole drilled into them to accommodate the slide latch. The slot milled into the internal body was a specific length, I believe 1.25 inches. This gave it enough room to cock when aired up, but not when it wasn't.

With the second gen, and the change to standard unmodified CCI internals, the slot in the internal body should have been moved a quarter inch forward to accommodate the different bolt position. But instead of doing that, they just made the slot longer overall, something like 1.5 inches. So basically, the slot inside is too long, and allows the things you describe to happen. If you pump it a little too hard when it's aired up, it opens the valve and actually shoots the gun. It scared the crap out of me the first time it happened. Tore the thing apart and compared it to my Gen 1 to see what was different, and that's the first thing that caught my attention.

I made a thread about it and brought it up to the creator, and was basically told I don't know what I'm talking about. Upon inspecting all of my other Nelson guns, they ALL had the same length slot in the snub, 1.25 inches. But I guess enough people did complain because they eventually put out a "fix" by adding set screws into the trigger frame to adjust where the slide stopped, rather than just adjusting the slot in the body to the proper length. Everything else about the gun was awesome, except for that one blatantly obvious oversight, and the response I got when I pointed it out was enough for me to decide it wasn't worth keeping.

My personal battles with the creator of the Redux aside, I still have my Gen1 and it's easily one of the best guns I've ever had. The Gen2 would beat it in every aspect if it wasn't for that simple oversight. It got better efficiency, it was lighter, and the one piece feed was awesome. The fix for it would have been so simple, but I was shot down and they came up with some other crazy system instead of just accepting that there was a goof and correcting it.
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Thank you sir for the most helpful info about what is happening. Much appreciated. I guess I'll have to watch how hard I cock the marker during play.
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Farting corrected, the tpc was set back too far, used to my ghost that has more travel. Shooting 260-265 consistent, getting 25-30 shots. Happy day
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