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ironchef97 05-16-2011 10:23 PM

RTP's Custom Sheridan work (warning pic heavy!)
I've decided to put everything in one thread, I'll update throughout the week.

1.) The King Snake

It is an RTP Viper Rifle with:
-18" stainless steel barrel and stainless steel valve tube
-39" total length
-A BADASS stock with a carved 3D snake wrapped around it.
-It was made by Rick for his friend Glenn who's nickname is King Snake
-Tank Under a unique location as you can tell. No exposed airlines.
-Some of the best and most unique carving you will ever see.
-Not for sale

The entire rifle (the front of the stock is missing a piece):

Pics of the stock by itself:

2.) Rosta Canyon

This is one of the most beautiful paintguns I've ever an RTP Auto-Viper at heart (semi auto viper), I love the colors. Rick says its one of the loudest guns he's ever made, and the first time it was in action it froze because it shot so many people out (CO2)! The grips, front block, tank ring and barrel plug are made from Laminated Plastic..Rick just got it back today from an old Viper teammate, and I don't think it will be leaving his wall anytime soon...don't even try or I'll be mad! I love looking at this gun...

3.) Micarta Stock

-Dual pump rods
-18" barrel
-Stock made by hand out of micarta, and all hidden airlines.

More info and pics in pk5's review:

4.) 82"s

An Intimidator with an 82" stainless steel barrel. PGP bottom tube. It has a custom Crosman lengthend stock (Rick used parts from one stock to make the second one longer). Gets 6 shots off a 12gram, but a tank could be mounted under the stock.

Rick: '82" in the beginning several air smiths were trying to have the longest barrel. that one won. yes it worked. took two people though, one had to hold the end of the barrel. yes i still have it. we did play with it a couple of times. it was funny. the barrel is so long it droops, a second person had to hold the barrel. believe it or not it did shoot. not very efficient though. 160 fps was max velocity. it was this gun that lead to an intensive study on what maximum barrel length could be without effecting velocity. after so long you start to create drag. for the valving and barrel diameter on a viper it was 18"'

Look at the top right of this picture...

And the bottom left of this picture...
Rick: 'look close at the top of the flag. the player sitting down on the left of the flag is holding that 82" gun. the flag is hanging from the barrel.'

5.) Billy

A famous Intimidator named Billy. I believe it was featured in APG several times, it has an 18" barrel + a KP2 lower tube. "Tacticool" before that was in style.

APG magazine scan:

Billy as he is today:

6.) Rainbow Viper

Styled to look like a shotgun, but with a stock made from several different types of wood.

7.) Rock n' Rock n' Cock

8.) Auto-Viper Rifle

The first one...until repo posts pics of his:p
Semi-Auto, tank-in-stock rifle.

9.) Hibiscus

A 12-gram lever dropout Viper Rifle, originally the stock was a board of wood that Rick pulled out of a camp fire. The back is still charred..

10.) Custom sheridan grip panels

11.) Custom stocks

ironchef97 05-16-2011 10:24 PM

Custom Stocks and grip panels
Custom Stocks and grip panels

ironchef97 05-16-2011 10:24 PM


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