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Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
I'll buy one... if you accept payment plans
The likelihood of getting a Gargoyle run happening is pretty slim. I'll entertain the idea, though. I sent a PM to RTR.
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There is hope, my fellow MCBers.

Rodney said he hasn't given up on the Gargoyle yet.
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Update of sorts.


Thank you so much for your continued kind words about the Gargoyle.

Iíve been planning on making a video update about the entire current status of this. Every time I sit down I think of too many things to say in one video and I honestly get frustrated and stop. I donít stop because I feel that itís fruitless, I stop because there is just so much to say I donít know where to begin or end.

I will try and put a video or two together soon.

The short version is much as I love you guys and the process that it took to get the Gargoyle made, we just could not support anymore Gargoyles financially. I tried in so many ways but just could not make it happen.

As Iíve said before to many, I will never give up. Just pausing to pursue another venture will all that I have in hopes to have the resources to get more made with its success.

I have been asked by numerous people if I could just give the plans away so that someone else could make the Gargoyle. I hesitantly and respectfully must decline such an arrangement as I have invested enormous personal time and money to accomplish what I managed to accomplish. I hope that you folks can understand my position. It keeps me awake on many nights to this day.

The RTR website did and has been down for sometime and that was not intentional. Still trying to figure out why this happened. When I do recreate the page I will let you know however it will not have Gargoyles available:/

Again, I cannot thank you guys and gals enough.

Iíll make the video soon and post a message in here when itís viewable.

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Rodney, you have nothing to apologize for you made a functioning work of art. My intention was not to have you just give away the blue prints but to guide someone willing to do the machining to you.i understand how much effort must have gone into creating not just 1 but 2 versions and not wanting to just give it away. The world would be a better place with more gargoyles, that way people will stop asking to buy mine every time I bring mine out .
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For all you guys that want to see what Rodney is cooking up right now. Check out that bottom link in his signature.
Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
Stock class =

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Originally Posted by RTR View Post
I hope that you folks can understand my position.
I 100% support your decision and can completely understand how you feel. The excitement, worry, stress, and sometimes guilt for having to pause (or even stop) producing something so desired by many people can get to anyone.

We will be waiting for someone to pass on theirs or if more new ones magically appear from you. Do what ya gots to do! We will just be here frothing from the mouth whenever we see this thread get bumped again!
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You are a great designer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I selfishly wished that you would license the design, but it's more important that you realize your hopes with the project. Good luck!
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