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Pump guide slot?

I donít know what to call it.

Thereís a void in the RTR trigger group opposite the pump rod slot which appears to be a blind hole.

Iím presuming this is designed for a pump guide rod to help prevent twist in the pump handle movement?

Also appears to be designed so this guide is the same diameter as the pump rod?

Should this part be the same length as the pump rod or slightly shorter?

Any insight would be appreciated. Iím hoping to finally complete the marker I started piecing together almost 10 years ago with this slick RTR trigger group...
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Those frames were designed for the Gargoyle which has dual pump rods,one is a guide and one is the actual pump rod.....that's was the extra channel is for. So you guessed correctly
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Grumpy Lurker
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Cool, thanks!

I'm designing a new undercocking kit and was planning on a Punisher-esque dual guide rod, but might try using that to provide stability instead.
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That guide rod is indeed the same size as a phantom pump rod and threaded the same so that this 2nd rods length can be adjusted to, in theory, customize the length of the pump travel.

I never bothers messing with it much beyond making sure it works. It does help stabilize the pump and prevent it from twisting some.
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