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Welcome WALZ!!!!!

The flock has decided - welcome WALZ, the newest duck!

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Originally Posted by wunderbarsafari View Post
While not technically a member of the Transformer family due to his non-vehicular appearance, Obake is a also a robot in disguise and distant cousin of Optimus Prime.
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Welcome o lord of the brassy wood. I can only hope that either my hot work or woodwork one day even approaches your level of mastery.
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Sweet, thanks team... you guys are the first team that actually wants me since 1996... I'm stoked.....

Sooo... when's the next game and who's a** we going to kick... ( oops, I mean " hope it's a fun team").

So do we have a news letter and professional photo shots taken..

Uniforms, do we all wear rubber duck jerseys or just patches...

Patches, do we have patches, and hats.

Do I have a say on what the team wants to do..

Thanks to everyone that voted for me... and if you didn't there's no need to talk about it here...
WALZ Feedback

The new sheriff in town.....
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You need to find your own rubber duck and stick it on your mask (above the lens).

There are patches. Not hats, and there are also stickers.

Next game you would see people at is Slims

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If you have not seen this before, take a few minutes.
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I want a Walz rookie card.
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I want a ralz wookie card.

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Get shot in the duck, you owe the guy a beer. If someone knocks it off, you owe them a case.

Matching clothes are for ninnies. Get some swag. Initiation is in a undisclosed tent at a to be determined time and place.
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We are an autonomous collective. No leaders or organization. We have been described as “basically a chat room”.

Games are when you feel like playing paintball with your friends. They are all mandatory.
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Chuck E Ducky
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Welcome to our group of crazy paintball misfits. We are a collection of unorganized Paintball hobos. We have no direction or requirements of gear. The duck came about so we could easily recognize each other on the field. They are chosen by what represents you. Each team member has a unique one. A brass one would fit you perfect!

Welcome- Chuck E Duckie
Rubber Duckies - Ninja Squad - 518th Brigade - Ragnastock
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