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Pinnacle Paintball
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Apr 16-17 '11, Spring Pump Event Bloomington IL

Start the season off the right way! SPE '11

Open play both days on 6 fields covering over 100 acres, everything from speedball to massive wooded bushball fields.

Sunday the infamous "Screaming Chicken" luck-of-the-draw tournament.

Hosted at Sudden Impact - McLean, IL

Camping group stays at Kamp Komfort 1-309-376-4411

Here are more details! and HERE!

Same place, same rules. Prices, info, and the dirt will be coming soon

Entry price $10 per day

No pre-regs this year! show up and play!

Raffles and prizes again? YES

Crazy fun? HECK YES!

Saturday: Open pump play from about 9am until.... 5?

Sunday: Open pump play and the now infamous "open draw, limited paint tourney"
40 rounds per player (no matter team size)
"The screaming rubber chicken flag at the fifty"

Pinnacle Paintball

Your Canadian Pump Paintball Supply

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I will be there for sure.
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I also posted this on PBN.

I can't wait for SPE. I am also organizing some "stick feed only" games on Saturday on the lower Hyperball field. Nothing fancy, just no hoppers.


EDIT: Don't forget to bring CASH. Sudden Impact doesn't have debit/credit card access, as far as I remember.

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I just made hotel reservations!! Can't wait this will be my first SPE.
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Ill be there!
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I'm there for sure. Last year was my first time and had a blast. Besides, have to be there to defend the Sunday tournament title and chocolate Easter bunny...yea, our team won last year! Didn't loose one game. Saturday was definitely the most fun in my book. Can't wait to see everybody there. Might be bringing some others with me this year (former semi players converted to pump).
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Damn if this isn't my 1st anniversary... The wife said it was paintball or her...

I will miss her...

no actually I said "Yes dear" and capitulated... yes here is my man card..
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I hope to be back. I made it to the ocho and had a blast. Waiting to see if they'll let me off work to go.

I'm cool with stickfeeds too, building a sniper for that purpose. I played stock the whole time I was there before.

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Not really trying to exclude anybody, just thought what better place to play all stick feeds against each other? Talk about laid back fun.

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This will be the first SPE I will miss. I've been going since '05. ROTC decided to change the date of an FTX on me.

Dang it all.

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