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Not much better in the US

Originally Posted by Mar View Post
No one is judge/jury/executioner here.
Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
I must have missed that memo


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Yeah and you can't just chat on the HAM bands... there are rules you need to follow and if you are doing tactical comms on the HAM bands someone will call the FCC on you.

FRS is your most legal and most affordable option for infrequent use in Paintball.

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Realistically if you are using simplex on a 2m handheld, nobody is going to call the fcc on you (Assuming everyone is licensed). I am in the process of putting a mobile rig in my truck for trail comms when offroading, because CB sucks, and there is no law against that.

I agree that FRS is the cheapest and easiest option, but hams would be better.
Originally Posted by Painthappy
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While the discussion on the use of HAM radios is good, I think the discussion got derailed from the OP's question.

While the use of HAM radios in paintball can be done, as you all stated before, there are many restrictions and penalties if not properly licensed. However, there are some HAM radios that can be programmed to work on the FRS/GRMS frequencies (without having a HAM license), but have to follow the rules on how much output the radios can push out.

What's nice is that you can get a GRMS license here in the states and not take a test, whereas to transmit on other (excluding FRS/GMRS) frequencies, you definitely need to get a HAM license. The tough part is that even tho you want to use those frequencies on 2m, like mtaylor has said, everyone on that frequency needs to be licensed.

Originally Posted by magman313 View Post
Any suggestions on some decent ones and head sets to use for big games and scenario play?
Any blister packed FRS/GMRS radios with privacy frequencies will work: Cobra, Motorola, Midland, etc. Don't fall for the high mile range, because it really depends on your surroundings (lots of buildings and dense trees) on how much a signal you can push out or receive from your teammates. But I would suggest at least looking into the ones that are "waterproof" so that at the end of the day, if they are covered in much, grime and paint, you can easily just rinse them with water without worrying about damaging the radio.

It just boils down to how much are you wanting to pay for a set of radios. Avoid going cheap and getting radios that do not have privacy channels.

I personally use Midlands and I really enjoy using the boom mic headset that they separately sell, but the radios themselves come with a decent pair of earbuds.

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Can I recommend a Puxing 777 plus. I read a bunch of reviews before buying a pair and I really like them. They are about $70 on ebay. They are Chinese made but they weren't made as a cheap export to North America. They are professional grade. In fact, they might be a bit too much. The Walmart Motorola walkies, etc are set to walk through the FRS and GRMS channels where as these have a much finer amount of control. Better bring a small card that has the FRS/GRMS channels and frequencies on it. That's the only fault I could find. That, and you can't guarantee privacy, although that's true of any FRS/GRMS

Anyway, great walkie talkie IMHO. Let me know if you want to know anything else but there are some good reviews out there.
REVIEW: Puxing PX-777 UHF 2-way radio | Tactical Survivor Blog

I ordered a pretty good and very cheap set of throat mics(normally cheap ones are terrible) but the only review for them has been taken offline. I could check my inbox if you are interested. The mics are really good for the obvious reason of staying quiet but also, the biggest drain on a walkie talkie is the speaker.
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The Puxing's used to be hit or miss.... hopefully they are getting better.

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Lockdown was using smoke signals and signal flares with great effect, but field owners frown upon that for some reason.

We have good luck with any Motorola brand radios. I have been betting my life (not kidding) with Motorola radios for over 35 years now.

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Murs radios are the best for the money no license needed they are VHF. out performs all FRS and GRMS
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I use a bluetooth Motorola with a PS3 earbud and it's AWESOME. no cords etc and it's crystal clear

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Originally Posted by bruno View Post
Murs radios are the best for the money no license needed they are VHF. out performs all FRS and GRMS
MURS is something I have been researching. Basically, it is five frequencies in the VHF "HAM band" set aside for personal use without a license. There are restrictions on the equipment, and there lies the problem with MURS. MURS only radios are required because most hand held, frequency adjustable HAM units, even the $40 eBay models, are putting out too much power. 2 watts is the maximum and if your radio puts out more than that, it is technically illegal using MURS channels. MURS stands for multi use radio service and is also restricted against using repeaters for transmitting. MURS only radios are not very common and are less readily available than hand-held HAM radios.
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