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11/18/17, SplatBrothers Paintball, Hopewell, VA

Face book:
Website: Splatbrothers Paintball - November's Big Game 2017 (Yes the link is correct)
November's Big Game 2017
Splatbrothers presents
"Call for Duty"
Saturday November 18th, 2017
Story Line:
Red Storm Rising
Blue Team: NATO Joint Special Operations Forces
Red Team: Red Ultranationalist Alliance (RUA)
As a response to the unification of Western Europe and their progression as a dominant economy and military alliance, old foes in Eastern Europe perceive this as a threat both to their power and way of life. Instead of going down through slow economic decline and what they believe will be an eventual hostile takeover, old Soviet Bloc players and alliances are planning something big in the shadows. Can they work quickly enough to revive nationalist spirit and reverse the tide of Western domination? Can they make decisive moves that will unite the old Soviet Bloc nations under a new flag and place them again on the offensive? Whether they can be successful or not remains to be seen. However, the Red Ultranationalist Alliance (RUA) has had enough and will stop at nothing. No act of terrorism too brutal, no tactic too dirty. The RUA will strike suddenly and brutally to relaunch a new revolution to spur their countrymen to join in the fight. Is the West ready? Does NATO have the stomach for another protracted conflict with old foes? Perhaps the elite NATO Joint Special Operations Forces can stem the tide and stop the terrorists before they really get started. Perhaps the damage can be limited.
Pick your team! Change history! Join in the fun!

PreRegister Now and Save $20.00
Preregistration gets Admission, Rental and 2000 round case of paintballs.
When: Saturday, November 18th, 2016
Where: Splatbrothers Paintball field - The largest field in Virginia
Price Pre-Register Pricing: Valid till November 17th, 2017 at Midnight
$65 Pre-registration: Includes admision + rental gear + Case of 2,000 Marballizer Paintballs
Day of or Late Registration Pricing:
$20 Day of event: Includes game play and all day air
Includes: Pre-Registration Includes:
Big Game Admission + All day compressed air
Full Rental Equipment (FREE) - Only for pre-registered players.
2000 rounds of paintballs
Info: Open mode of fire (Semi, Ramp, Burst, Auto) with 12.5bps Rof (Rate of Fire)
Field Speed limit will be 285fps (Feet per second)

Game Time: 8:00am Registration opens
11/12/2016 9:30am Players Breifing
10:00am Game on!
13:00pm Lunch Break
13:30pm Game play resumes
16:30pm Final Battle Begins
17:00pm Game Play Ends
Aaron D'Angelo
Captain, XO G.P.I.D.
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