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Steed 12-29-2017 09:38 AM

Ohio Valley Scenario/Big Games ?
So thought I'd kick over a few stones and see if you guys couldn't help me find some big games for this up coming year.

I'm in Southern Ohio which is pretty dry as far as big games and scenarios goes so I'm looking mostly north to fields I know are quality and have quality games. Earliest game I found was Blast Camp's Hoth game, Feb. 3rd but 4 hour drive for a single day even, right off the lake isn't terribly high on my must do list (I'll need thermal socks for my kilt for damn sure).

I saw a game in April at Fort Knox but haven't gone much past that.

Anyone have any game suggestions?

jakesak 12-29-2017 02:33 PM

There is the Ohio Spring/Fall big game at splatter park each May and October. Paintball Country has tried to do some scenarios in the past, but not sure of the turn out. LVL-UP did a big game this past fall, but it was poorly promoted so not many people came out.

panhead4411 12-29-2017 10:36 PM

There are a few fields on the western side of PA that have some games, and a few in central IN. Not many dates have been set or other event info yet. Usually when i'm trying to put together my event schedule i can't get all the info to make the final decisions until close to February.

Some say Splatter parks games are the best thing since sliced bread, others avoid that place like the plague. Country has tried to host big games the last few years, i attended the first 2, it was a hard sell to get anybody back after the first one, and the second one reinforced many peoples concerns, i know very few people who attended the game this year (the same people that were very eager for the one 3 years ago). LVL UP's game yes, was poorly advertised, as they did not want too many bodies, they capped it at 150 (though i don't believe they even hit that number), it was meh. That field has much growing up to do, its still young and in desperate need of balance for big games. Thats all just my opinions or that of players i interact with on a regular basis.

I'll try to remember to post up the info on games that i can get info for in here for others that may be interested. There are actually quite a surprising number of fields within 3-4 hours of central ohio.

Steed 01-04-2018 11:09 AM

Yeah I've been told to avoid splatter park by many since I moved to the state so I'm probably going to set that as my lowest option.

As for Country's games I've been to several, worked 2 and they're pretty rough. The one from 2016 was pretty ****ty and was ran more like a series of games then an actual event and the commander on our side wasn't useful. Them capping the day off on a "ravine" field that consisted of a nice long slop for one team and a steep incline for the other didn't win my support for future games.
LVL UP looks fun but I think you're right, fields need time to put together large events.

One that caught my eye but probably won't happen is Blast Camp's Hoth battle Feb. 3rd. 4 hours is a bit of a drive for a single say event; in peak winter.

turbowagonman 01-04-2018 12:20 PM

Usually near the end of May beginning of June there is a huge 2 day Scenario event at GRC Paintball in Angelica NY. There hasn't been any announcement of a date or theme yet, but this event my Scenario team has attended the last 4 years (I think 4 years) and it is the one Scenario game that is a must attend for us. The info is usually found on Facebook once they announce something, but I'm sure you can find some info if you look up GRC Paintball on FB.

Smoothpumper 01-04-2018 07:46 PM

I usually travel to Hell Survivors in Michigan for their fall game and will be attending the CPX event there in May. It's a few hours drive for me but I always have a good time there. Self fill air, reinsert when you want, and good game play. The only issue I've ever had/seen there is the occasional idiot ref (1 or 2 in 15+ big games there).

I've been to Splatterpark big games a few times. Last fall was the first time in years for me. They're ok. Long lines for air (no self fill) and too long of a wait between reinsertions. Best thing I can say about them is it's cheap to play there. $50 for entry, air, and case of paint.

I've played a couple big games at Paintball Country. The first was pretty good - nothing special but pretty fun. The 2nd was a disaster - very disorganized, poor communication/direction. It was a joke. I left early with most of my paint left because they couldn't get it together. I wouldn't play there again if it was free. YMMV

I've heard that White River Paintball in Anderson, IN holds some good big games. I took my son there last year for regular open play one weekend. Not much of a crowd - likely due to the high paint price. The fields and overall facility were nice and the refs were excellent. They do lower the paint prices for their big games to normal rates. I plan to try one of their big games this year.

I've never tried Fort Knox.

Steed 01-06-2018 11:39 AM

Adding White River to my search.

panhead4411 01-06-2018 01:30 PM

Fort Knox is unique. We went there for the first time last year and were looking to return as they were one of the few big fields that allowed BYOP for events, we were mainly interested in someplace to burn our extra paint from every other event that is FPO...unfortunately they have now switched to fully FPO and will no longer allow any off field paint. So the primary reason for us returning this year is void. May try back next year after they have built up some other parts of the field.

Sherwood Forest is our personal favorite field to play at. They host 2 big games per year, spring and fall. The fall game is a staple for my team's schedule. Ever since we first went there we have returned every year, and the field is in constant state of improvement, all the while continuously, hands down, the best field we've ever played at.

My brother hit White River last fall, and since it had been 5 years since our previous terrible experience, he was pleasantly surprised with everything except the paint prices. And we'll likely hit another scenario there this year.

Hell Survivors in *ichigan is an okay field. Haven't enjoyed a 'regular' big-game there since '14 or so. Though their "Armageddon" game will very likely be on our list again this year. We're gna pass on the LL...the choke points on that field are terrible. Also since we'll probly already be going to the one game there, its hard to justify going to two games at the same field within a few weeks of each other when there are soo many other options to fill the travel budget with.

Indy Battlegrounds is a decent field for rec play, its a bit too small (imo) for the big-games they try to put on as the spawns are almost within weapon range of each other and the layout wasn't designed for inter-field play. Plus we always have trouble with people playing-through/wiping there more than anywhere else. But the layout is great for smaller rec games.

Chachi 01-07-2018 08:27 PM

Have you played Sherwood Forest yet? Great games there. Where are you out of? I'm in Dayton, and have a few buddies in Cincy

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Steed 01-09-2018 10:58 AM


Originally Posted by Chachi (Post 3448396)
Have you played Sherwood Forest yet? Great games there. Where are you out of? I'm in Dayton, and have a few buddies in Cincy

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I've covered about half a dozen events at Sherwood but haven't been able to get up their to actually play, which sucks. I want to try and hit up one of their games at some point this year.

I'm in Monroe, I play at Country when ever I can.

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