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Originally Posted by lurchness monster View Post
Flounder: "We should start a paintball team"
Me: "Thats a good idea". The rest is history.....really weird history.
Yeah. This is all your fault.
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I went to a game. They had a huge banner. Next thing I know I'm drinking whiskey with them and I have a patch.

I keep going back... for the whiskey.
I like Spyders.
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I like to fly
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Nice, sounds like my kind of team lol
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Started going to my local field regularly and other regulars started to recognize me, they already had a team and asked me to join but at that point I was playing regularly with them anyhow so I guess I fall into the "your team finds you" category. Initially before I started hanging out with any of them I would usually try to join the opposite side so I could go toe to toe with them in an attempt for personal gratification as they were getting hyped by other players and I wanted to see how well they stacked up to the hype by seeing how many of the local "pros" I could take out in a typical game which probably played a big part in getting recognition from them.
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Hacker got married.

True story.
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Team captain met me on a rec field. The team work was immediate and seamless. He pestered me to come to a scenario event. I joined later that year.

The train is still rolling.


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Joined VA Bad Company back in the late 80's... I was one of the founding members of Sprye Bane in 1999... Helped get Team Defiance going, and finally got a "we won't kick you out, yet" from The Expandables.

Sometimes you join an existing team... Sometimes you form your own team, and sometimes you get shanghaied by a group of friends who already have a team


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Kicking people out takes so much... effort... I think we have a rule about that
Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
the auto industry eats its young
spent several years in the industry - don't do it
shoveling horse [$&*!] is a better job


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Initially on a forum where I attended the same events then they picked me up over time and I havent left since. They honestly find you, you might know of teams in your area however whether or not they feel you are a right fit is all them.
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