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Scenario Marker Advice

Hey all
Just getting back into paintball. Been out of the game for about 10 years. Just played a scenario game last weekend and its time to get back into it again. Im looking for some marker advice. Currently I have an a-5 with a flatline and a sniper II pump. Had problems with both of them at the field and plan to fix them but got me thinking about a new marker.

Whats everyone shoot that thats not a flashy speedball marker? I like milsim style markers. Really want something with a stock but would like something newer and consistent on fps.

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Gog g1m. Etha with emc kit.

What's wrong with the sniper?
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Has a Palmer stabilizer on it and when I adjusted it it blew the seals lol
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I think for your sniper all you need is a rebuilt or new reg.

For years my scenario team used cockers of all types.

For at the last 12? years or so we've used Eteks. I've been using the same Etek 3 since I got it (2008) With a proper paint-barrel match mine has been very consistent, has held up well and survived some hard use including a fall into a ditch at EMR.

Obviously not mil-simmish and I have yet to see a stock attached to an Etek (but this is MCB, I'm sure someone has tried at some point )
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What was wrong with the A5? That is one of the popular choices too.

Keep in mind that if you want to use a stock in conjunction with some sort of aiming device (irons, red dot, scope) you will most likely need a riser if the stock comes out the back of the body. If you can get a hold of a stock that extends from the bottom of the grip (from the ASA) you can actually get behind your marker properly and aim without twisting your neck in an natural position.

One of the advantages to using a speedball style marker (not necessarily a flashy one) is that they are lighter and more compact. I have played many a 24 hour scenario event and quite a few of them had me using Tippmann A5s, X7 Phenoms and other milsim markers either decked out or stripped down to the basics. I gave up on the milsim markers primarily for two reasons; the weight and they seemed to give me more problems (inconsistent, cyclone feed not liking the paint, inefficient).

Another factor to keep in mind, if you are playing a large scale 24 hour game on a large field the efficiency of your marker can hurt ya. A5s are great if the paint isn't too brittle but more than once I have had to leave a massive firefight due to running out of air before running out of paint. Running back and forth filling up your tank is fine but on large fields like wayne's world of paintball can get exhausting.

The GoG G1 is also a decent choice as it is basically a mechanical Ion with a milsim body on it.

Some great choices if you want a nice setup that will last you and give you the options for some milsim looks are the Etek 5 and the Etha 2 with the EMC kit. I think they look better without the kit and aren't flashy to begin with.

If you want to get a little more expensive you could do the Empire Dfender, I have seen them go for 500-600 used. My team has 2 of them and the users enjoy them. They have the hopper built into the system and out of the line of sight for a more streamline look.
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Originally Posted by rathbaster View Post
I have yet to see a stock attached to an Etek (but this is MCB, I'm sure someone has tried at some point )
Wait, where did my money go?

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I could not get my a5 to shoot faster then 240. I resealed it before I went. I replaced the main spring at the event and it didn’t change the FPS. I was using the flatline barrel and was told by many the paint was super small and could have been causing problems. I like the stock more for stability then for aiming per say. I run a remote to remove the weight of the tank to help offset. The other thing with the a5 is it is actually my wife’s marker and she plans to start playing again lol
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The two guns you have are ABSOLUTELY worth fixing.

But if you are just itching for something new (we can all relate to that!) and you are interested in Milsim stuff I'd say look into the guns that can shoot either First Strike or normal rounds. I can't name many because milsim stuff isn't really my thing. Check with Tacamo, Tippmann, Tiberius or the Automag MFG Mod (See main page here for information)
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Have you tried a Pump? I know you want milsim but you may like pump play.

I love pump for scenarios I can play all day on a Standerd Paintball pack. They are very reliable and consistent no batteries to worry about no electronics to go bad. Just add air and paint.
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The Sniper should be pretty easy to get shooting again. There really isn't much to them that a new o-ring or two can't fix. However, if you're looking for a new toy and the milsim look is what interests you, there are several options available.
  • Tippmann TMC: Includes a stock. Can be used with either a hopper or magazines. Not First Strike compatible.
  • Milsig M17A2: Includes an air in stock. Semi or full auto. Primarily mag fed but has the option of a bolt on feedneck. FSR capable. Long wait to buy one.
  • First Strike T15: Primarily mag fed but has the option of a bolt on feedneck. FSR capable. Full auto kit sold separately.
  • Empire Dfender: Integrated force fed loader (Z2) in stock. Roundball only. Multiple firing modes.
  • Dye DAM: Mag fed or hopper fed on the fly. It's a milsim Dye Matrix. Expensive.
  • PE Etha 2 with EMC kit & stock: It's an Etha 2 with rails and a stock. Sold as a kit. Stock sold separately.

I'm sure there are others but these are the few that come to mind and meet your criteria.
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