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Originally Posted by Smokin Gunz View Post
Deuce, clear out your PMs. Your box is full.
Man, I cleared out like 800 something messages the other day and it's still over full. I'll probably reup my greenie status after the new year.

Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
I am curious why there are so many issues with the rules and communication for such a long running game. I keep hoping to make the trip down for this game but from what I am seeing about this last round I am not sure it would be worth the trip.
Players are lazy and don't read the rules. Staff is lazy and doesn't train their refs on the rules. Tanks mostly the same as players, lazy and don't read them or just outright ignore them.

The event has been on a downward spiral for years now, at this point I don't think it has many years left. Wayne's basically phoning it in. Honestly, the timing is ripe for someone younger (and motivated) to swoop in and start stealing attendance.

The only reason it's still happening now (IMO) is all of the people that show up out of tradition.
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The only reason it's still happening now (IMO) is all of the people that show up out of tradition.[/QUOTE]

Deuce, this hits the nail on the head. It's something I personally have said and have heard repeatedly many many times. Myself and my team have been talking for the past few years especially about playing something other than the finale, but it has been somewhat of a tradition. It seems like each year there is less effort put into the game than there used to be. This year I noticed that the player card that used to have the times for your missions for your unit were not there. All of the "extra's" that used to make the game great are just slowly fading away. Now don't get me wrong, I still love playing there, but it's because of a lot of tradition and familiar friends that keep me coming back.
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It's more or less tradition for myself and my team. It has become more of hangout time than anything else, we get a couple of good games that gives us something to talk about and remember but the camping with friends is what makes it even better.
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