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the oddballer
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killerito's giveaway. Winner has been chosen.

First time doing a giveaway

I will open this to anyone(tis the season to include everyone)

2 and only 2 requirement
1. post a photo of your favorite kitchen knife and why.
2. don't open the box until Christmas ( yes I will know if you open it early)

I have a phantom body that I know absolutely nothing about

deadline is dec 5
will do my best to ship so its there for Christmas

People who are In
3.winklebottoms( add photo)
4.chopper duke ( add why please)
11 grimcpt
12. Zom somethin or other.
13. Crowsfeats
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Still a broke college student
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MCB Member
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This is a dangerous giveaway. Last time I had a spare phantom part, it some how spawned the rest of it's body (using matter from my wallet).

Super cheap blade, but cuts through everything. I love it (unless my wife puts it in the dish washer, then I have to buff out the rust stains).
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Brass and Wood Fan

Hehe rusty wife stain included...i mean. Er . Ya thats right?

this pairing knife is my fav. Most versital knive in the bunch. Pops bought these laser etched demascus knives for xmas last year... pretty dang nice

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Location: An airfield

K sabatier, inexpensive, and carbon steel. Takes / holds and edge like nobody’s business.
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I see dead people
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Location: Metro ATL

Cut Brooklyn Prospect 120. LOVE this little knife. Handmade here in the US in a small shop in Brooklyn. You pay for it but it’s worth it. Endorsed by Alton Brown and just a pleasure to use.
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Rec Poster
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I am having trouble taking pictures of my knife, but it looks almost exactly like this one. Its a cheese cutting knife I got from my grandfather. Looks silly, but I love cheese, and its the perfect tool for me. The holes reduce surface area, so that the slices cannot adhere to your knife, ruining the perfect cut. Its curve encourages it to slice, instead of chop. The tines on the end make it super easy to skewer your fresh chunk of cheddar and toss it into the perfect sandwich. Of course, it holds an awesome edge, but I only hand wash it. Definitely my favorite knife. It wasn't something I thought I needed, until I started using it
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Location: San Diego

I have to go with a classic.....the Butter Knife....wether itís sreading jam or helping me tighten a loose bolt, this knife does it all
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the oddballer
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all solid choices so far haha especially the butter knife
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UnSon of WALZ
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This knife cuts the cheese, and also cuts down small trees.

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Pump Fiction#86 BaBa YaGa
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Brass and Wood Fan
I use this knife for everything in the kitchen (when Iím at the hunt cabin at least)
Cold steel Canadian Belt Knife

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