The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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Small Stock Class Giveaway

Nothing major, but I dug these out of my gear bag the other day. It's three five-tube stock class panels that are new and unused. OD green, hook-and-loop back (hook side).

Want 'em? If your name is not blue, say so below. I'll pick a winner on...let's say 12/18.

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Getting back into it.
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Dooope, I'm in!
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Brass and Wood Fan
I could definitely use these. Count me in!
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Brass Monkey Customs
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My stepdaughter Athena, who is NOT allowed social media accounts, is very interested, so I am in as her proxy.


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Still selling brass tubing, with .678 barrel stock available!

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tribal monger
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Brass and Wood Fan
Kilt Club
Im in
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The tears of the Wally Lama render a mirror like finish to any bit of brass. When it's time to polish, Wally Lama thinks of all the neglected Sheridans out there and a tear falls from his eye onto his latest creation. Three children who were passing by witnessed this holy event once and we're all blinded by the brilliance of the brass. They all three heard Angels voices and accepted their calling as witnesses to the miracle of His divinity.
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I need this!
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Could find a use for these. I'm in.
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Always looking for a Woodland Camo F1 Illustrator. Got an extra?
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the oddballer
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I’m in please
back to normal
Still a broke college student
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Walking without rhythm
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I would like to participate thanks!
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Count me in.
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Home of the lama
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I would like to enter also... I could use these bad boys...

Thanks for giving and have a merry Walzmas...
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