The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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Pump Fiction#86 BaBa YaGa
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Brass and Wood Fan
Be a Grinch Giveaway!! Dec 1st Draw

Here you go you filthy animals another Christmas giveaway blah blah blah but none of you deserve it you have all been naughty haven't you!

Santa has already checked you twice,

and what a surprise he found out your not nice.

Did i hurt your feelings, did i make you flinch!

Well deal with it bucko, I'm the Christmas Grinch.

I Don't reward kindness, niceness or whats right.

I want to see the bad, the ugly so start up a fight.

To the winners of this i will give you a toast,

but to get on this list, you must give me your best ROAST!

3 phantom pheeds 3 winners let the roasting begin.

Anyone can participate in this one you can Roast me or any one on the forum, Extra points for roasting Mar. (he likes it)

Potential Losers

1) Paintzapper
2) dano___
4) grimcpt
5) DirtyLoincloth
6) MarkT
7) Diomedes
8) Pittsburgh Stinkbugs
9) snaparen
10) JonM
11) Soolio
12) killerito
13) Bigtuana
14) darknite667
15) DelTASteve
16) Mithuna
17) iKNOWaFATman
18) tymcneer
19) Zomfgmikeftw
20) jellyghost
21) bigbthebenji
22) JonnyDread
23) Crowsfeast
24) Riot
25) Warblgarbl
26) Phantom Mikey

-These are getting hard dam yours forum names
-Not getting any better at this lol

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I don't know any of you mayo loving, brass licking, Velcor worshiping, filthy animals who take "artistic" nudes with their gear well enough to roast any of ya'll, but am so subbing this and grabbing the popcorn!
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Mar is as accurate as a storm trooper. And his father smelt of elderberries.
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Home of the lama
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Brass and Wood Fan
I'll happily be the first roaster.....

You and your damn mayonnaise....
I hate it, its slimy, has a pus-like look, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it...

Why in gods green earth was this stuff even made..... it looks like semin and has a eggie , oily taste that only butt lovers could enjoy....
Anyone who could promote this as something wonderful has got to have a screw or two missing....
You must be wackos and probably a closet queen to boot....

(Disclaimer) I actually like the mayonnaise...

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The new sheriff in town.....
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MVP its not brain science
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Ugh you awful Canadians. Showing up on our forums buying up all our Brass, why don't you just stick to Kijiji.The Blue Jays shouldn't be allowed on our fields. You filthy Moose fondling, poutine eating, maple syrup chuggers! I hope your Tim Hortons is cold and your poutine is subpar. Your bacon is ham and you should feel bad. And MAR, you keep him and his rubber mayo stained fists on your side of the border, got it? Oh and his pornographic Martoons too!
Plus your shipping costs are outrageous you should be paying us to grace you with our fancy American things.

And you know what I'm NOT Sorry.


My MCarterBrown Feedback:

Originally Posted by grimace
Like any thread on MCB ever stays on one topic. Just pick something random and join in.
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Previous Paranoid User
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You fondle balls. Every last one of you. You know you've done it even if you don't admit it.
Never, ever, trust a fart...

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Just Some Guy
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I like turtles.
We must prepare for the cowpocalypse or we will all be manburger.

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Look. Y'all are some weird-*** people. Or some weird ***-people. Both apply. Un-flipping-usual.
Zombie Defense Force, Local 42 #61 "Darwin"
DarwinZDF42<--YouTube channel. Subscribe! "Integrity is doing what's right, even if nobody is looking." My MCB feedback

Selling a PPS Pug? I might be buying. PM me.
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You people and your mayo, don't you know that the soybean oil is derived from GMO
Why not have yourselves a fancy all-natural fisting

Creamy, kosher, tangy and whisked to a feathery lightness, Organic Mayonnaise is made the old-fashioned way with organic ingredients. Use it to elevate any 6 inch Italian grinder to the status of organic sublime.
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Thrill Me!
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You're all to fat and lazy to actually play paintball, and your mom dresses you funny!

-Pittsburgh Stinkbugs you smell funny.

I'm not real good at being mean, cold and stand-offish sure but actually mean, I suck.
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
the mods here suck...
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I honestly can barely stand most of the mods here, and don't even get me started on the f***ing Canadian ones.
Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Asking for brass on MCB is like going to the grocery and saying "Looking for food, you guys have any"?
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Stuff I want or need evenually
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