The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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too much cr*p in my sack... winners drawn and shipped!

it's a month before christmas and i've come to realize,
this stuff's been sitting too long, it's time to downsize.

up for grabs to paid members and staff, a trio of long-sitting markers (untested). may ask for help shipping outside conus, each will come with hopper/elbow/10 round tubes/barrel bag/holster/gubbins/bellybutton lint/etc. as appropriate. please post if interested in anything in particular, or i'll add ya to all the pots. will roll dice for the winners at top gun paintball dec. 9th, if winner is present will hand deliver.

1. R/F cocker, ss barrel, mixmatch ans pnues
2. cleaned up rental procarb
3. cartridge valve pgp

Edit: so wow, lots of interest... so in the spirit of the season, i'm going to double down. same rules as above, just another trio of long-sitting markers in need of loving homes.

4. sniper 1.5. serial 6088, ss barrel
5. another cleaned up rental procarb
6. non-cartridge valve pgp, polished

and one more:

7. cart.valve pgp with camo paint on plastic bits

made lists, broke out a set of percentile dice from my D&D days, and rolled the winners...

1. sethzilla
2. iknowafatman
3. rawbutter
4. fluffyraccoon
5. thirdoffive
6. bang*bang
7. obake
i'll be messaging the winners for shipping info today and working on boxing through the weekend, thanks for all who participated!
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looking for: aga62's, working ATS lowers and parts, brass sheridan donors/bits, camo SP wood grips for cf frames, havoc launcher, high output 4.5k regs

happy with me?

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I am down for a chance at that pgp, so sign me up please!
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Welcome back buddy! And GanonsGrin is your brother? He is the devil
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Wow- now that is a nice giveaway my friend.... and I seem to be lucky at dice... so.......

I would like to in for the Pgp.... you can never have to many of those ( that's what I tell my wife anyway)....

Happy holidays from the Walz family....
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Very nice. I'd be happy with any of those beauties. Merry Walzmas!
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In for all of it... merry walzmas
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In for the PGP and Pro/Carb - I can never have enough Pro/Carb

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Dang, I was going to give you my thesis outline
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Awesome, I'm in please.
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I'd love to have a pgp, in please! Thank you for doing this.
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Wow that's very generous. In for any of 'em.
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In for any, but especially that cocker.

Also- good to see some more actual marker Giveaways!
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