The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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the oddballer
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I’m in. The xgs needs a friend
back to normal
Still a broke college student
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I'm in.
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I'm in, loving the brass barrel

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Money Pits 'R Us
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I'm in, because I like to break hearts and morale at the same time when I shoot players.

Manchester Half Cock'D
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I'm in
  1. I need more stock class markers in my life
  2. I have another newer ER2 that doesn't work great and isn't stock class
  3. I'd love to see what you did to this in person

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Originally Posted by Diomedes View Post
Tippmann 98s do not have problems. You've broken the universe. Impressive.
Originally Posted by BretG View Post
Dang, I was going to give you my thesis outline
"Psycho-Sexual Paintball; an analysis of penile ejaculatory surrogacy in paintball marking devices"
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Please let me in..

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I'm in!
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Previous Paranoid User
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I'm in
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In because i dont have a single pump and this seems fun to play with
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NOT The Flounder's Son
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This looks like fun and will draw the "what the heck is that?" At my local field. I'm in please.
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