The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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I'm Comin' To Getcha!
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Modded JT ER2 giveaway....WINNER SELECTED

Decided to join in on this and give away a modded JT ER2 I did....
Mods include SC feed mod (Can no long take hoppers like this,I'm including a spare unmodded body shell if you should want to convert it back)
J&J Brass Straight Rifled barrel with tape detent mod
Filled in all the hollow sections in the body for added strength (Shouldnt allow body to crack)
and lastly Hogue wrap around grips

This is a nice little shooter and alot heavier than a standard ER2

Rules for the give away are you must be anything but blue,if you live outside the lower 48 you need to help with shipping and all you need to do to enter is say I'm in and tell me why you want it. Deadline is Dec. 15th Midnight EST


Current list of entries.....I'll be drawing Tomorrow morning
2 TCPaintball
3 JonM
4 Mithuna
5 Soolio
6 Diomedes
7 Sethzilla
8 butters89
9 killerito
10 Riot
11 Salmon
12 pbyrne233
13 Obake
14 woouulf
15 Zomfgmikeftw
16 DirtyLoincloth
17 iKNOWaFATman
18 DelTASteve
19 4G010H3R0
20 Smokin Gunz
21 CrowsFeast
22 Kevin qmto
23 JonnyDread
25 Ridingmac
26 Hooligan
27 Bang*Bang**
28 Blasgag
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LPPC Member #71


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Home of the lama
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Brass and Wood Fan
I'm in...

1)It has brass
2)Because it's stock class and I've never owned one before..
3)never even seen one in person for that matter...

Have a happy holiday season from the Walz family....
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Pump Fiction#86 BaBa YaGa
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Brass and Wood Fan
Oh that痴 beautiful man I知 in please

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Brass and Wood Fan
I'm in.

This looks like a fun little shooter to loan out for games of click-clack-bloop. Plus, brass is shiny.

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Stock Class Jackass
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The er2 was my first marker! You've done a beautiful thing.

I don't want it... I NEED it.
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Rec Poster
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Im in! I want it to get more people into pump and stock class play.
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Little boy Blue
Read all the way through
Then you値l know
This isn稚 for you

But if you go Green
You値l know what it means
To be in the barrel
Give or receive

I知 in for my love of this plastic masterpiece....hint, I値l be giving away a constant air adapter for the ER2 here soon

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Oh that looks fun. I'm in.
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I'm in, and this looks like a really fun way to stalk through a woodsball game.

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Im in. Thats sexy as all get out
Now doing leather work! PM for quote.

Originally Posted by danssoslow View Post
I was lucky to get it up with my boy's help.
Originally Posted by Rocket Surgery View Post
Pump ninja in a kilt.

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