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LB gives away a hockey puck

This won't interest 99% of you I"m sure. Maybe one of you will want it?

I just received a giant bundle of souvenir hockey pucks from the Buffalo Sabres from the late 90's, early 2000's. One of them is yours.

1. Be a paying member

2. Who's your favorite Sabre of all time?


1. pghp8ntballer
2. grimcpt
3. lurchness monster
4. dano_____
5. Alive

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Nice , huge hockey fan here. My first seats on the glass were the Sabres and Whalers in Hartford. Miss the Whalers but the AHL Hartford Wolfpack are pretty fun to watch and are me and my sons team. Just commenting on your find. Non Sabres related but Ray Bourque is the man.
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Hobbes would be into this
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Oh! I have cousins in Buffalo! I remember getting to go into the current arena there around the time it opened.

I will say Hasek would be my favorite Sabre.
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OOh Oh, Sign me up. Im a Cody McCormick fan. Take that as you will

You are having us tell, but who is your favorite sabre?

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Originally Posted by grimace
Like any thread on MCB ever stays on one topic. Just pick something random and join in.
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Even though he wasn't with the Sabres long, my favorite Sabre is Grant Fuhr. Mainly because he made me start playing goalie way back.

Favorite real Sabre....Hasek because he's a goalie. or Lafontaine.

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I'm more of a Red Wings fan myself, but Alexander Mogilney was the reason I used to look forward to Sabres games.
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My favorite of all time was Dominik Hasek. That man was force to be reckoned with and had a slinky for a back.
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Miller even if he lost the Olympics. I lived in Rochester NY and still love hockey I'm totally in!
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I wouldn't say he lost the Olympics. You could argue that he was one of the biggest reasons they got that far and kept them in that game. Obviously you don't want to give up the game winning goal, but it was going to happen eventually to someone. Love Miller. He's a class act.

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