The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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Name color change giveaway! UPDATE

So suddenly I'm green?! Well here is my contribution even if I go back to blue.

How to play:

Name color doesn't matter! Winner gets to choose item. (Tried to get an array of sizes.)

Comment on post if you'd like in and tell us what your first gun was...

Lastly, if you can give either on here or in your community do it!!

Oh almost forgot. I will draw a name on Dec 15th to ensure the winner has the item by Xmas.

GOING TO DRAW THIS DEC 13TH. USPS is taking a bit longer being the holiday season and I want to make sure the winner gets their item by Xmas.

Jerseys are Med
Sandbagger is XL
Tippmann is L
DLX (?) says L but it's short
Debo Tech T 2XL

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My first gun was a Smart Parts Ion which I got for Christmas the year it came out.

Really digging the tech shirt.
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Liking the purple one. Need i explain

.....................WTB your pball MANUALS......................

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I like the purple snake camo too. First gun I had was a spitfire pump back around '92ish. It lasted two weeks before I ripped the pump handle off. 2nd was a phantom, I've had 3 more since then.

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Same here, I'm a purple guy.

My first paintball marker was a Splatmaster bought in 1988/89 while deployed in Germany ( USAF).
We met up with people from various local bases and played using the shop goggles that came with the gun, sun glasses, racketball glasses.
Then one guy got a Whippersnapper mask....high tech.
Then another got a SplatMaster Rapide....OMG!
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The Debo Tech T with the camo & snakes is pretty cool - and it's my size.

My first marker was a black Spyder TL+ with a Palmer Stabilizer, 20oz. CO2 tank and a VL200.
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Spyder compact 2000

Sand Bagger XL Or XX2

Ebay, camocow200 (1390) + 100% positive feedback
darr_musi (640) + 99.9% Positive Feedback
MCB (350) + 100% positive feedback
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Tippmann 98. I'd like the Tippmann fittingly!
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Does anyone read this?
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My first paintball gun, that I bought from a friend in highschool, was a Brass Eagle Tigershark. It got me into modifying paintball stuff and playing paintball, so it wasn't a total waste of $80.

My first gun that I bought from a proshop was a Tippmann Factory F/A - it had been sitting on the display wall for several years at that point, and needed a new star feeder spring. I wish I still had it.
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PMI Black Maxx.

That purple is pretty sweet.
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