The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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Please count me in too. My boy has been eyeing up electros lately.
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Count me in too please !
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In please as well. Wife might want this one

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sssooo, I don't own any electros (tried once, bad experience), but this is too generous to pass up, well done!
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looking for: aga62's, working ATS lowers and parts, brass sheridan donors/bits, camo SP wood grips for cf frames, havoc launcher, high output 4.5k regs

happy with me?
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I gave all my electros away sometime ago but my grandson is interested...
In for this, thanks....
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Count me in!

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I'm in.
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I'm in too. You are an active member on the forum and I've had nothing but good experiences in trade, knowledge exchange, and conversation with you since the beginning. You deserve it all bud. I really have mad respect for your want to give back, whether it be giving kids gear or just trying to get someone into a different style of play.
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I'm in!
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ahhhh the PMR, was the first electro i ever had, and the first paintball gun I shot myself in the foot with, damn electronic triggers.

I'll take a chance on this one.
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the mods here suck...
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I honestly can barely stand most of the mods here, and don't even get me started on the f***ing Canadian ones.
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Asking for brass on MCB is like going to the grocery and saying "Looking for food, you guys have any"?
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