The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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A Walzmas Gift

Hohoho, merry Walzmas to all and to all some good cheer...

I wanted to make up something custom but I'm still working on getting the shop together...


I found a random bin that this was in and I do not remember a thing about it...
She may work or she may need work but it is yours if you want it....

This is a custom Palmers "Typhoon" that has a drop out, rare quick silver changer and some sweet wood grips....



To enter you must be a supporting member (non-blue) thank you...
( membership is cheap and well worth it)...
( if your blue now is the time of year to turn green)
(We greens have lots of giveaways and winning just one will more than pay for your membership ).

Everyone can enter one guess a day until contest ends...

Any ties will taken to the board and Granny will make the final decision ....

Below is a picture of two buckets that have Sheridan brass markers and bodies inside... they may be full or they may only have one or two together...

The person who is closest to the amount and the weight of these two buckets O'
Brass will be the lucky recipient of this beautiful palmers typhoon ......

Giveaway begins now and ends November 30. Winner to be announced on December 1st.....


The WALZ family.....


Day one.....
Mar )@23 markers
Dougefreshe) @55 lbs
Allerstern) @ 17 markers & 25 lbs
Somethingbenign) @ 13 lbs
Nofxkid) @ 20 markers
Dano) @ 17 markers & 35.8 lbs
Judgemental) @57 lbs
AnarchicArtic)@ 9 markers & 81 lbs
Obake)@ 18 markers & 36.75 lbs
Ganonsgrin)@47 markers & 89 lbs
William the Third) @ 34.5 markers & 69 lbs
Bigtuana)@ 50 markers & 100 lbs
ProtoNY) 28 markers & 71 lbs
Bellicose) 42 markers & 68 lbs
Moving target)@ 4 markers & 20 lbs
Free dummy)@ 23 markers & 46 lbs
Spece108)@24 markers & 54 lbs
Diomedes)@ 8 markers & 35 lbs
dkv23)@ 7 markers & 32 lbs
Riot) 10 markers & 22 lbs
dirtylittlemo)@ 47 markers & 62 lbs
KCRocon)@ 21 markers & 40 lbs
Nonoblitos)@ 5 marker & 18 lbs
Botorian)@ 8 markers & 32 lbs
Snaparen) @ 13 markers & 53.4 lbs
Paintzapper)@ 12 markers & 49 lbs
pbyrnc237)@ 11 markers & 27.8 lbs
Ilivlofe)@ 14 markers & 55 lbs
Salmon)@ 14 markers & 19.5 lbs
Killerito)@8 makers & 21.21 lbs

Day two:

Ganonsgrin) @ 1 marker & 1.8 lbs
BlindmanPH) @ 28 markers & 68 lbs
Bellicose) @ 50 markers & 89 lbs
Dougefreshe) @17 markers & 52 lbs
Bororiqn808) @ 6 markers & 28 lbs
Secretweaponevan) @ 16 markers & 24.1 lbs
jakesak) @ 13 markers and 52.5 lbs
Snaparen) @ 9 markers & 46 lbs
Opusx) @ 11 markers & 18.8 lbs
not-required) 13 markers & 53 lbs
Killerito) 14 markers & 32.6 lbs
Somethingbeign) 33 markers & 98 lbs
Grw4w34) @ 16 markers & 53.24 lbs
Rainmaker) @ 17 markers & 56 lbs
Superatomic)@ 19 markers & 53 lbs
Bow) 34 markers
William the Third) @ o markers and 7 lbs
Blue) @ 17 markers & 68 lbs
Freedom)@ 6 markers & 43 lbs..
WALZ Feedback

The new sheriff in town.....

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55 lbs

.....................WTB your pball MANUALS......................

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Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house. Isaiah 58
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17 markers, about 25 pounds, and a button that has been missing from your work jacket.
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When your a spoiled fat white kid, living in a first world country, "want" and "need" are the same thing

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We using pounds or kilos? Some here use funny forms of measurements. Put me down for 13 lbs. Edit: forgot a number of bodies, 2.

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I guess 20
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17 markers/bodies, 35.8lbs.
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2 buckets...57 pounds of brass goodness.
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the oddballer
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Ima go with 8 bodies total 21.21 lbs) my lucky numbers probaly way off but oh well
Still a broke college student
The odder the better
My pb colllection is worth more than my car but you know life choices
Feed back

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CCI Phantom Fan
Nice Wally! 9 markers/81 pounds
AnarchicArctic feedback
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