The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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A Walzmas gift----"Winner Announced + 2"

Up for your pleasure is a pretty clean ole pgp with holster...

This is open to all members....
You may post one guess each day...

To win this marker you must guess how many feet of wiring I have used to wire up my new shop...
shop is 52' x 80' with a partial second floor (total square feet is 4,365)...
I have many receptacles and around 33 light fixtures..

First member who guesses the correct amount within 10 feet wins...
Closes December 1 and the closest entry will win if no one guesses the correct amount by then...
Thanks and I hope you ( the winner) enjoy your new to you pgp....

Note to all:

I used more than a thousand feet and less than five thousand feet...
Feet of wire used is cable length not individual wires...
I installed way to many receptacles and around thirty three light fixtures...

WALZ Feedback

The new sheriff in town.....

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2177 feet, and happy walzmas!
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Within 10 feet? This may take a while


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I would rather be fishing
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Wow, no clue..... 4125
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6740' I am just shooting high for now.
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Happy Walzmas!!!
first guess is going to be 6,345 feet!
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I am going to say about 14,000 Feet.
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