The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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Old Ion for New Player - Winner chosen: Congratulation Rainmaker

Hello MCB,

This is open to all! Closed

Here is an Ion put together from pieces donated by Kilerito and Jordan.

The rule:
This great little shooter need go to someone starting out.

To enter, share one (or more) thing you are exited to share with new players.

Winner will be chosen at random early December (exact date TBD)

A little description/disclaimer about the gun:
- The rear banjo is JB welded into the body (stripped thread)
- Clamping feedneck
- New detent
- Spare rebuild kit
- Stiffy .689 barrle
- Spare black body (cannot be installed without apart the JB welded banjo)
- The board is currently in full auto (I'm not sure how to change it back to semi ... )
- missing a grip screw, if I found one, ill put it in

Ion - Walmaz 2019.jpg

Winner chosen: Congratulation Rainmaker

Randam draw.jpg

Thank you all for participating.
Happy Walmaz
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Love my brass
... hard choice ...

Originally Posted by Macdave06 View Post
I think for most here, I'd use the term "collect" loosely. It's more like hoarding.
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Excited to share paintball with family. Our team is mostly family, 12-65 years old, my nephew is turning 13 soon and his brother already plays so this would be perfect

^^^ If you are new to the sport and need help finding gear, click here!!!^^^

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Ohh! I’ve got about three friends and/or girlfriends of, that have started playing this year in the scenario world and all but one still rent. This would be a fantastic gift!

Please count me in! I need to get them off Tippmann rentals, so they can experience the real deal!
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I've been looking for an ion to see if I could mount it in a wood stock. If I'm successful it will be a great and unexpected loner for that new player.
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I'm always excited to share an electro with a young player. It's pretty funny to watch their face when they lightly tap the trigger and 2 or 3 shots fly off in rapid succession. Like a kid at Christmas! Then equally as funny to watch them spray paint everywhere during the game, while I try to get them with a pump or a mech.
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In like flin!

Ya ya ya. There's a ton of new players and whatever. What's important, is the opportunity to be a noob's sugar daddy! Best believe them b*tches be coming back for maintenance tips!

That is a super sick looking Ion, btw! Some noob is going to be very happy!
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My favorite experience to share with newer players is the frantic joy of a good shootout. It's good to learn that it's not always about how many kills you rack up, but the quality of how you get there.
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My girlfriend is just starting out and could use a nice lil ion to help her refine the skills!

I love sharing proper sportsmanship with new players, wishing them luck pre-game, commending them on well-placed shots, etc!
Originally Posted by DPrekel View Post
Due to the high volume of requests, SPACH has been banned.

Have a nice day!
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My coworker is looking to get his own setup, and too be honest I've spoiled him by always borrowing him my gear. This would be perfect for him!

Anyways this year I've gotten 5 or 6 people into paintball, 2 of them now have bought their own setups and try to make it out regularly with me, (one of them wants to get into pump, which I am crazy excited about!) My coworker is on the fence about dropping the cash for a full set up. This would be an awesome surprise for him and I could see him really getting into the sport!

I always try to bring at least one new person to the field with me every time I go. That's what keeps the sport growing, and its what we all need to do if we want the sport to thrive. My favorite part is the day after we play when they start texting me about when to go again or what gear to look into. I always get a huge grin when I know I've got somebody else hooked!
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In....My favorite part is the gratitude and joy on the kids face when you surprise them with something they definitely weren't expecting. I gave a gearbag to a kid once that had his own stuff but was struggling to pack things up for the day and turns out it was his birthday too,you'd have thought I'd given him a million dollars buy his reaction
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