The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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Ivan Sovetsky
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3rd Annual: How Many Balls *WINNER*


Here we are again, the Season of Walzmas, and someone in my family gets to try to shoot me.

Two years ago, my Wife was an ACE, and shot me in the facemask in ONE SHOT!! (little known fact, she actually did it TWICE. First time, she was resting her arm on a table... I thought that might not have been fair so I had her do it again standing and freehand - Still oneshot headshot!). Last year it was my oldest son's turn, who decided to test my nerves as I endured 26 near misses! Then finally had mercy on me and shot my arm. This year, a new contender steps up...

WHO: My Daughter (4 yrs old)

WHAT: Tries to shoot me with a paintball gun, while I stand still. Probably with the Thurndercat, or the Kaos. Distance will be about 50 feet.

HOW TO ENTER: Must be a paid member to enter (anything but blue). Post your guess of how many balls it will take to hit me. Closest guess wins! (You can also guess the body part, but not required, only doing one prize this year). Open to the US AND Canadia.

WHEN: Deadline to enter is December 14th. The shoot will be the weekend before, and I'll post video after the deadline.

PRIZE: Not yet determined, An ER2S, with all the 3D printed mods I can put on it. (example below, though it won't be this exact one)

Current Guesses:

1 - JonM
2 - Riot (Thigh)
3 - Diomedes
4 - Jonnydread
4 - mlzplayer111
5 - Spider!
5 - Sethzilla
5 Bellicose (left nipple)
6 NONOBLITUS (Stomach)
6 - seajay
7 - a.greenleaf (chest)
8 - dano____
9 - Rusty_Brass (CM)
10 - spece108 (left thigh)
11 WALZ (Neck)
12 - GreenMtnPhantom
13 OpusX (nuts)
13 - pbyrne233
14 - snaparen
15 - Clam-I-Am
16 - Trbo323 (CM)
17 GanonsGrin (chest)
18 - darknite667
19 RAZRBAKK (UpRghtLeg)
20 - Whee McGee
21 - killerito
22 - Brendanl
23 - Bow
24 - Salmon (CM)
25 - William The Third
26 - moving_target
27 - Cdn_Cuda
31 - Carp13 (Knuckle)
33 - trygve
42 - Stilgar

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Welcome home
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4 balls.

and your kid is adorable especially with the mask hngggg
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8 shots. And she might be the first person I have seen with a dye i4 mask that fit her face
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Home of the lama
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11 balls and will score with a hit in the neck...
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Still pumpin'
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13 and it will be Americas funniest home videos style right in the boys ;-)
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I'll take 5.

She looks lucky.
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5 shots
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THE Green Modster
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Since Walz took 11 already I will guess 12.
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Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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I've guessed 1 ball every year so far. I'll go with that.
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I’ll go with two, since Jon picked one.

We’ll say a thigh for ****s and giggs.
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