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Ol' Cheatin' Jonny
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Save it for a rainy day

Hi again folks,

Got another gift from BigTuana that I'm going to pass along. It's a raincover! I tried it on my Super Stocker and while it did it's job I really don't jive with the chunky barrel end.

Open to everyone. Winner will be selected on Friday the 13th. To enter, simply guess how much my dog Piggy weighs. Please use 00.0 lbs format. Closest guess wins.

Here's Piggy, pics of the rain cover will be up soon.

and Mr. Raincover:


What'cha buying... stranger

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Money Pits 'R Us
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42.7 lbs
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Home of the lama
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Humm... piggie looks like a lead ingot.. I'm going to say 47.3 lbs.
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Chicken Hoarder
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47.8 lbs

Damn it WALZ you got in there right before me.
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55 lbs
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VP Ragnastock
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Hmmm piggy 59.5 lbs.

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Ivan Sovetsky
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How about 44.4 lbs
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Rainmaker Apologist
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25 kilograms.

I'm gonna go 52 lbs.
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I just like being pedantic.

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here 4 the memes
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Cute dog! I'll guess 37.9lbs
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