The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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Walzmas Spyder stuff(with brass!)

Hello MCB family,

As a receiver of a Walzmas gift myself, I decided to not to be out done by the giving spirit.....

I remembered this setup was packed away under some other boxes and decided it didn't need to collect anymore dust.

Unknown year Spyder TL with original single trigger frame, compact 2000 double trigger w/Hogue grip, original brass lined 8" barrel, Empire 14" rifled barrel, and a yellow barrel plug!

This hasn't been aired up in over 10 years, so figure you'll need a complete tear down and rebuild. It's dirty and was a players gun, so it has numerous scratches all over.

I'll devise some way for my family and I to pick the winner on Christmas Eve. We'll video the process and I'll share it with you all.

Open to green members and our brothers up north.

Who wants or needs a parts gun/loaner?20191218_090208.jpg20191218_090252.jpg20191218_090419.jpg20191218_090452.jpg
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In please, I've always wanted an original Spyder, and I'm in need of a good backup gun at the moment.
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Count me in!
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Nice! Count me in, please.
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I just like being pedantic.

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“But Lord,” asked Gabriel, “Is this not too generous to these Canadians?”

And God replied, “Just wait and see the neighbors I shall inflict upon them.”

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In please
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In please!
Wait, where did my money go?

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Sure, I'm in.
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The Spyder TL+ was my first marker. I've regretted selling it ever since. Please count me in!
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Heck yeah, in please!
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I’m in
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