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Just wondering what constitutes a restoration in most peoples eyes and what goes on to modifying?

I( the sharper ones worked it out awhile ago) have come across a couple of K2's, we are just waiting on paperwork to clear now.
They are ex-field rental markers and all are very tired looking with stocks painted in a green, brown , black camouflage. And most have sand in them

Was wondering what the preferred restoration path is in order to clean up but maintain them in a good working condition without devaluing them.

-Obviously maintaining the factory finish on the tubes is preferred/mandatory. The only thing I was planning to do to these was wash them and apply some Renaissance wax to preserve the patina as is.

-The stocks however I was wanting to strip back to wood finish and either apply a linseed oil finish (my preferred finish) or if some one could tell me how the stocks were factory finished, shellac, tung oil , varnish? Is any one type of finish preferred over another?

-Now the internals. They wont shoot over 220 even with new seals a Dyna valve and the RVA mod done. Am only getting around 15 shoots at 220 before the velocities drop off rapidly. My test bed one is currently getting a valve job done and the ports opened up to see if there is an improvement. When the test bed was disassembled the main port and bolt were factory drilled at .186" , when the bolt is closed and locked the holes don't match up and are out by half a hole, effectively making the port roughly only hundred thou.
These ones were originally being filled with liquid co2 , by all reports the shot count is only slightly higher than what I'm getting currently with 12ies. The liquid option seems to be impractical. I am making up some bolts to see if enlarging the the bolt holes but maintaining the tube ports at original size yields better results without having to do a valve job and desolder ( I don't want to touch the factory bolts or tubes if I can help it).

So internal wise....
-RVA mod? ( the factory springs have one coil cut from them when we received them) Yeah / Na? Cant find new originals for these in the right length.
-Dyna valves and fast changers?
-Leave as liquid?

A couple wont be touched at all and left completely as is....but a few will be going to new owners and I was wondering what the best option is in order to give them a functional marker that maintains most of its original character and value? But so they don't have to really touch it at all.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


Oh and I'm an aircraft mechanic/sheet-metal by trade, forge knives and have some mad hand skills I'm not a 15 yr old who cant handle hand tools and has trouble tying his shoes before anyone gets all snakey.

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Send 1 to c6quad, he is a collector of the highest caliber for rifle stocked sheridans.
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The springs will do wonders for any old Sheridan. The springs inside the guns you have are almost 2 decades old + clipped.

Call Palmers Pursuit Shop for KP length springs. They should have them.
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I shall send them an email IrOnExpress. I ordered a set of the Sher016 and 034 .....but no joy. They fit the Pseries nicely though.
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Before you do any work, are you sure the OZ K2s were not specifically limited to 220 fps from the factory? I know there are different rules and such, if they were a custom order they may have been set up that way on purpose, and not shooting low due to age.
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A possibility. There has been no mention of that in what we can dig up in the way of history for them. There isn't a legal requirement to limit the FPS over here so we usually play at 280. 220 is all we can get with the old springs maxed out but everything cleaned, lubed and not leaking. Untouched they are obviously shooting lower due to sitting idle for so long.

Also as the were actually in NZ before Australia ....I am assuming that (cant find any info otherwise) they weren't factory limited.

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foldadoom might be able to answer the FPS question as i believe these are the ones that he has seen in NZ. i hadnt thought of that.
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No joy with Palmers on the springs either

Edit-Hmmmmm upon further investigation the springs Palmers sent dont fit any of my Sheridans. Either a K or a P68AT. Valve spring is too short for both, and hammer is to long for the P and to short for the K. Maybe should order again to see what turns up.

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RVA mod is always a nice feature for fine tuning the FPS. Have you considered shimming the main spring with small washers or adding a ball bearing to help raise the velocity?
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i think you need to port the bolt to get it to match the barrel port for sure. i'd also enlarge the barrel port by drilling through the bottom tube and plug the bottom tube hole with a set screw. that'll get it up to speed.
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