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I'm having some velocity troubles with several different Sheridan guns, pgp, and a couple of pmi 1's is there a secret spring combo i can use or any other suggestions would be appreciated
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By velocity troubles I assume you mean low velocity?

Easiest thing to do is put a BB (approx ") in the back cap in the lower tube. This will compress the mainspring a bit & give you higher velocity.
If it's a Sheridan w/a bolt with the internal velocity adjuster make sure you have the two BBs for the velocity adjuster in the bolt. Without those in there a lot of gas will escape.
Make sure your bolt O-rings are good.
Are you holding the Pump forward when firing? On my PGP at least the bolt will blow back a bit & unseal the breech and give a lower velocity if I don't hold it forward. That's actually an old-school trick to cheat the Chrono.

You can order new springs (and other parts) from American Paintball (the owner is a member here) if you need.
You can also make the back-cap on the lower tube into a velocity adjuster by drilling it & tapping it & putting a screw in that will compress the mainspring as it's screwed in.

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Thank you for the input. I'll check into these things and see what i can do.
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