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pinkanese 11-21-2011 04:47 PM

CA Sheridan leaking through frame screw?
So I have a Short Barrel, sort of, its the lower tube from one. And it has developed a leak through the front frame screw. I thought the CA models had a solid valve core and that this was not possible. Is there a seal int eh front I can replace? Or is there something majorly wrong?

MaD 11-21-2011 05:00 PM

I've never owned one but I've been told there were some CA sheridans that weren't solid up there and had a soft seal. Could be a valve leak as well, just taking a different path.

pinkanese 11-21-2011 05:01 PM

Well I thought it might be the square ring, but then shouldn't I hear the leak elsewhere?

chplnstone 11-21-2011 06:12 PM

I've heard of cases in the past of the solder around the front plug (that sits just behind the nusert in the valve tube) giving up and causing a slow leak... best suggestion i can give is strip it down and give it some heat to try to reseat the solder

3022 11-22-2011 04:35 PM

Commonly its only look that it leaks trough "front frame screw".
And the solder has nothing with this.

Leaking trought the front grip frame screw indicating the problem with seals around part No. 24 on this drawing:

When the leak is placed here, then are normally bad are the o-rings around valve arangement or perhaps the front - powerlet - seal. They are from cheap technic rubber and every seal from this materal has lifetime only few years (along manufacturer 3-5 years, but sheridans they working commonly a lot longer with them...).

You need remove the valve out of the gun and change these seals. They are very cheap (especially if you buy them not from paintballshop), but you will need the Sheridan valve tool and it will take some time and care.

Look on this sticky:

pinkanese 11-22-2011 06:01 PM

Part # 24 is the hammer. I am going to assume you meant part # 27, problem is on the constant air models that part doesn't exist.

MaD 11-22-2011 06:15 PM

Well is it a conversion that's been re-soldered? Wondering if someone rebarreled it and maybe that weakened the solder in the lower tube. Still, the first step would be to pull the valve and see if the valve o-ring and cup seal are intact.

pinkanese 11-22-2011 06:28 PM

I did a rebarreling actually. And yes the square oring and cup seal are both intact.

Does anyone happen to have a schematic for it? I assumed it would all be solid, not individual pieces soldered in

MaD 11-22-2011 09:54 PM

What square o-ring? You mean the jam nut? There should be an o-ring on the front of the valve. Was that one ok?

pinkanese 11-22-2011 09:55 PM

part 332 int eh schematic 3022 posted. Its been square in every Sheridan I have ever taken apart, though i think its round in the Palmer's kit.

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