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Need help/advice with PGP modifications

So I've had my PGP for a few years now, and after seeing all the awesome modifications that can be done, I want to modify mine, but I have no experience or access to tools as I'm in school. So any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. So lets start with the questions:

1. What is the best way to remove the powder coat? I've read oven cleaner works. Is there any other methods?

2. Where can I pick up a quick changer? Would I have to send my PGP out to get it installed or can I do it myself?

3. I want a longer barrel for it so it would be flush with the quick changer, as well as a side tube feed? Who would be able to fabricate that?

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
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I won't comment on the powder coat, since I've never done it.

You can grab a Fast changer here at Palmer's. You can install it yourself pretty easily.

Palmer's can do the body work, and guys like Walz and Stuffy on here could probably help you out as well.
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You can remove the finish by using a simple non-marring paint stripper. And then use a bunch of Brasso and elbow grease to polish. HOWEVER.....if the original black finish is in good shape, I'd leave it as is. HOWEVER....if you're putting on a whole new barrel, you mid-as-well. I'd check with WALZ first...hes doing some crazy awesome work right now. RTP might be another option to do that barrel work for you.

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