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I just sold my KP3 a few weeks ago- FINALLY!!! I think I originally listed it for $450 in October of last year. Unfortunately for me there were already quite a few KP3s being listed (here on MCB) all around the $300 mark. I thought the overall condition of my gun warranted the price tag, but it didn't take long for me to realize that if I wanted it to sell, then I'd need to really drop the price.


It went from $450 to $425 to $400, to $350 to $325 (shipped) and then finally sold at $300 shipped. Out of all the other KP3s listed at the time I'd consider mine to be in the best overall shape. The uber-rare PMI sight rail and aftermarket pump were nice as well. I thought for sure it would sell for more than $300, but like the others have said - it's a buyers market, the economy isn't great and the prices for brass are way down. Even the KP2s aren't moving.

If you REALLY want to sell it, then drop the price. $275 shipped should do it - I hope.
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As soon as refunds come in, market will rebound a bit. Happens every year.

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Originally Posted by bigbthebenji View Post
As soon as refunds come in, market will rebound a bit. Happens every year.
I'm not so sure we should anticipate a huge bounce back for high-dollar purchases this year. I don't know for certain, but it appears that our 5 year economic funk doesn't look like it's heading for any change of pace, and most of the people I know that play locally (non-forum types) are NOT purchasing anything more expensive than $200. It also doesn't help that there are a BUNCH of low hassle, easy to maintain cheaper guns out there. Several people I know that had extensive collections ditched their guns for cheaper, more reliable, single gun load outs.

Of course, I'm speaking of a relatively small percentage of the market.
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Dollar will crash, don't count on any recovery. Doesn't have the same power it did in the 80s. Not looking to start an economic debate, but America won't be able to bounce back until we get some serious governmental spending reforms (or cancellations).
In short, this sucks.

The economy is doing one thing, and that is pushing people toward playing pump.
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ur my sister
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and buying up anything real gun related.
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Originally Posted by joedirt199 View Post
and buying up anything real gun related.
This is what I have been doing.

I bet its because your KP3 has external air lines, those are so 2005.

The brass market is down but not dead, it is definetly not where it was 5-6yrs ago when you couldn't touch a beat to death KP anything for under $275. I recently bought a pretty nice salvageable KP2 for little over $200 shipped. Sold the stock for $60 ish and it now wears Walz wood.
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The market is also a bit over populated with KP3's. I stopped trying to sell mine a while back. Didn't really see any interest in it, and it looked barely used compared to most any other. Slim's actually looks very similar to mine, and if you lined both of ours up, you would probably be hard pressed to tell which one looks less used. The bad part, is that almost two years ago, I sold a much more used KP3 for $350, not including shipping.
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Pretty much stock KP3 with an unfinished wood stock.
Not a whole lot of factors that say "HEY BUY ME NOW!" type of thing.

As much as I love brass, the ones that want specific ones own what they want already and there isn't a large base of new brass lovers entering the market. So you have an even smaller buying base in comparison to all paintball items.

If you really want to move it, $200 would make it go pretty quick, but then again that's a pretty steep loss.

I remember when people would get into silly bidding wars on ebay, now it's maybe at the most one bidder if you're lucky.

Times are rough.
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