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Do a wicked job polishing it (buffing wheel and compounds) , clean it well it well with water and just leave it alone. It doesn't make for a super shiny brass, however it still looks good compared after a few months of sitting and use vs Brasso/other polishing agents. My PGP still looks pretty good, and I did the polishing about 4 months ago.
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if you want to have your marker shine like a gold mirror i recommend Never Dull Metal Polish Wadding.
I've been using Never Dull since grade 9 machine shop back in 1980,
it's the only polish i know that can make aluminum shine like it's been chromed and brass shine like a golden mirror!

you can get NEVER-DULL at Pep Boys, Canadian Tire or most any auto supply store.

Home Page

NEVER-DULL is... well... "cotton batting from hell" pretty well describes it.

And, what the can looks like:

to keep the OUTER SURFACES from oxidizing give the OUTER SURFACES
of your marker 2 coats of NON-ABRASIVE AUTOMOTIVE WAX aka CAR WAX.
i personally recommend LIQUID LUSTER also called PINK CADILLAC WAX.

2 coats of this will keep the Brass from oxidizing for years!
but give her an extra coat every other time you play and your marker will never oxidize.

i have brass parts that i have treated like this back in 1980 that still shine like new after all this time!
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Ok, slight other annoyance. There is a weird small leak coming from around the valve area. The leak comes into existence only when the pump arm is in certain positions. I have tried cleaning out the area and reoiling it but nothing has worked. Is it hard to change the seals in the valve?
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I want to Use something for taking off the black dust finish on my 2k but i'm not sure what to use since I don't want to scratch it. You guys know more than me. as for the polishing, I'll go with Sparky's Idea on buffering it.
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to remove the black I used an abrasive polish and a dremel buffing wheel.
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To answer my other question though.

I am getting a very small leak from the valve only when the pump arm is in certain positions. What may be a cause of this? Would it be easy to fix? I have cleaned all the seals with alcohol and that did no good.
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