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Re-soldering while prtecting finish

Hi guys,

This isn't actually for a sheridan application but I figured you guys might have an idea anyway. We have a part at work that needs to be resoldered without affecting the surface treatment on the surrounding area. So far my only ideas are burn cloth (like you would use when doing home plumbing) or a soldering iron to only heat a specific area.

Let me know if you guys have any further ideas.
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There is a heat sink gel that can be used to protect surrounding surfaces from being affected by flames. I can get the info on I think for you and get back with you on it. My brother is a sales rep for a company that sells it, but I can't recall the name right off.
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when I do micro solder work....I tape off the area with a few layers of aluminum tape...and use a hot air rework gun. also....I have used a micro torch..but that's for a larger area...
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Rectorseal heat paste will work but damage also depends on how delicate the finish is. I've used this in the past to keep from unsoldering an entire PGP when I only wanted the lower tube off.
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Also keep in mind copper (and brass ...) will carry heat much better than other metals.
Petroleum coating (paint, lacker, varnish ...) Will likely burn near the joint.
Patina depend on which type, some torch/flame patina are fine, some other oxides just burn away ...

Picture and description on the base metal, solder, and finish would help ...
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