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I need this!
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Originally Posted by Trbo323 View Post
Hour? Day? Week?

Just curious
Hours to a day depending on how nasty the metal is and if the black oxide is still on it. Sometimes the coating doesn't want to come off and sometimes the scratches are deeper than they seem. Little nooks and crannys can be a PITA too. If you only have a few hours at a time to work on something it can stretch out for weeks to the point you're sick of even looking at it.

In my experience anyway. One of the reasons I've developed an appreciation for beat up guns.
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WALLY! Damn my guy that is gorgeous.

I need another of your creations, one simply isn't enough!
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Got back on this one today and put the air system together (modded valve, palmers Dyna pin, springs, hammer...). ( the springs...... I could not find any new springs and only had the old set so I just put in new soft spring I had and a slightly smaller in diameter softer spring in the hammer..). Stuffed a 12ie in her and no leaky... good so go far.. pulled off about ten shots and then pulled out the chrono.. took two shots at 279 and 284.. it's very cold here, temp is about 34 degrees... will try more shots off tonite or tommorrow... I gotta look for more reballs to shoot...
I also installed a brass dentent ( got it from a member here.. thank you very much..)
I needed to make a ball stop for the cram and jam and I wanted it to be able to work from eighter end so I cut a chunk of barrel tube and press fit a piece of delrin at one end. As this is "Crown Royal" it was fitting I expose the end and shape it like a crown also...
Slips into eighter end for rock forward or rock back and is friction fit with a O ring to retain it..

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I have it pretty polished out and it is a bit of work... I use a 6 or a 10 inch polishing wheel and a dremmel with polishing bits and I work it by hand...
Total time to polish out is about 4-5 hours after all is said and done...
I use Mothers Mag Polish with the dremmel and when hand polishing...and it's as good if not better than anything else I've used.
It's easy to keep the shine if you use a little Mothers every week for about five minutes by hand...

I'm close to the finish with this, all I need to do is paint the trigger block with some Matt clear to protect the new black paint, install the stock and pump and make sure it holds air for a day or two...
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