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nice PMI-2! you don't see a whole lot of those around. that one is in nice shape too.
Originally Posted by chlsnk View Post
"Go ahead and strip and cut that puppy down because all you are doing is making mine worth more"
Originally Posted by DSA View Post
Ok choochie, the duck is not troubled, it's dated. The technology is old, it's like 8mm stop motion film reels, nothing will ever replace them, they are nostalgic one of a kind but for today's youth the expectations are CGI.
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What was lost in the picture generator was the hilarious attempt at sweating pipe together. WALZ would facepalm.
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My pg/pgp's.

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****ing speak up Im deaf!
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Cleaned up the KP2 today and did some work on the pirate stock:

Team Brass Mafia - The Yorkie

Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
If you are not stalking - you are not showing love...
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The only action shot I have with my sheridan

"Conformities are called for much more eagerly today than yesterday... skeptics, liberals, individuals with a taste for private life and their own inner standards of behavior, are objects of fear and derision and targets of persecution for either side... in the great ideological wars of our time."- Isaiah Berlin

"Freedom is not something that can be given. Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be."- James Baldwin
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Yeah, I guess this should go here.........

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Had some fun with the lathe and made some shiny brass bits...

Name:  photo 3.JPG
Views: 940
Size:  87.0 KB

Name:  photo 2.JPG
Views: 976
Size:  96.3 KB

Name:  photo 1.JPG
Views: 962
Size:  114.6 KB

New RVA and front cap for feed tube.
Unfortunately "want" and "need" are two very different things...


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I played pump for YEARS. Sheridans, Palmers, Phantoms, Snipers...pretty much anything and everything I'd tried at some point. The only one that stayed around was my PGP that I used for 12 years.
Then about 6 months ago I picked up a Kaos pump and really got into the open class pump thing.
Then I joined a team and got into electros. I ended up buying 3 in less than a month. And it was fun. I enjoyed it, and I found out that, by using the same tactics and skills I learned through pump play, I still didn't use that much paint. I was happy.
Then I went to the field, aired up both my Ions...and they both leaked. They worked when the previous game ended two weeks prior, and I hadn't changed anything on them. But no matter what I did, they just refused to work. Deciding that I won't have a gun that I can't count on to work and that just arbitrarily breaks when not touched, I said "**** this", sold/traded both of them, and went back to my roots.
I picked these up off a couple of members here. Traded and SA-17 for the PGP and an Ion (after I finally got it working again) for the P-12. It feels good to be back.

My Feedback Thread

Go ye therefore to all the nations, baptizing them in copious amounts of paint.

Proud member of Team On Target.
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Nice story
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