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Field report using new setup.

I got my first chance at the field last Sunday with the new VM setup. If I had to use one word to sum up the experience it would be:
The marker was absolutely flawless.
1st game: Myself and a young ref kid with a Timmy vs three 19-20 year olds with 98Cs. The fields were long and thin with no real flanking possibilites. Long story short: 4 eliminations for me, 1 for the kid right before the end of the game. No hits on us. I used just under 400 rounds with 600PSI expenditure on my 92ci tank. No ball breaks or problems of any kind.
2nd game: Myself and a family of 4 composed of Mom, Dad, and 2 kids approx 12 and 14 years of age. The young ref kid wanted it to be the family vs the other 5, but I'm not playing with a bunch of punk a@@ed kids against some cute family. I joined the family vs the 4 young guns. It turns out the father was one of the psychotic ultra-aggressive shouting type players, and he got repeatedly eliminated for it (luckily these are 15 seconds and back in timed games). Mom was the sweet, space cadet wanders down the middle of the field with no cover type of player and she got repeatedly eliminated for it (she never got upset about it. happy the whole time).
The 2 kids were the stay in good cover and lay down some fire types, so they didn't get any eliminations or get eliminated. However, they were very useful keeping people's heads down. In this atmosphere I got another 4 eliminations as people got fixated on the juicy targets the parents represented. I took 1 shot skipping off of my loader elbow onto the top of my head as I popped down below the lip of a bunker. This was probably inevitable as the Timmy kid was pumping out massive BPS strings the whole game. I shot somewhere just over 500 rounds for 1000 PSI usage indicated on my 92ci tank. No breaks, no issues whatsoever. After the game the Timmy kid wanted a chrono check on the VM (note, that he was happy to have me eliminating folks for him while I was on his team) as it "really hurt when it hit" . I happily demonstrated the consistency of the Vm by chronoing between 285 and 293 on 6 shots at which time he told me I needed to turn it down to 280 as "that's the field limit". Actually, as he well knows from reffing at this very field, the field limit is 300fps. His buddy who was the active ref for the day and was there chrono checking with us set him straight. I think he was just pissed that an old guy with a marker made in 1993 shot the tar out of him and his timmy. I can still beat him in a 100 yard dash if he wants to try that method of competition ( I just need to warm up and stretch first)!
At this point my wife gave me the panicky," The baby has been crying all day and I need you so I can sit on the porch and have a beer!" phonecall. So I will have to wait for another day for more field testing.

-Calvin, The Paintball Playing Ultimate Player
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Nice setup. When I first started playing in 97 one of my buddies had a VM similar to that one. That first year we only played renegade ball, and we didn't exactly chrono our guns to a set fps. If the shots didn't reach we just assumed they needed to be cranked up. (I know...I know...but we were in our late 20's, always wore masks, on 40 acres of wooded pastures, and most were ex-military.) Anyway the guy with the VM - his shots just seemed to hurt the worst. We theorized about spin and bolt style and whatnot, but in retrospect he probably had the damn thing cranked to 400 or so.

Anyway some of the coolest setups I have seen were built on VM's. I knew another guy who had his set up with dual 20 oz tanks - one forward and one aft. HEAVY gun - you could lift weights with it. But it was the most intimidating thing I have ever seen.
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