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Aluminum Elbows for VM Pics

I just got two aluminum elbows on Ebay via this auction for 19.95ea + shipping.

The finish on them was not great, but adequate. The construction method likewise was crude, but overbuilt. They take Impulse threaded feednecks.

The only method they have as shipped for attachment is 2 6-32 set screws which is a little meagre. Also, in right, left, or power feed markers that have permanent feeds tubes, they would damage the finish on the feed tube. However, in VM's the feed tube is replaceable, and thus customizable.

On my VM, I used 10-32 button heads with lock washers and put them in a hole drilled and tapped through the elbow and the copper tube beneath. The trick is to carefully file the screw's end so it presents a flush surface inside the feed once in place. I also put them in on the top of the feedtube so that the balls predominantly travel over the smoother surface on the bottom.

I bored the 2 6-32 set screws out to 8-32 size and also used them to help take some of the load off of the main button screw. This setup allows any hopper to be used and seems to be strong as an ox. It's definatly better than any plastic elbow I've ever used.

A hopper of paint through both a Halo-B and a Viewloader 12V Revolution gave flawless feeding with no breaks.

I just wanted you guys to know this product is out there in case you've been looking for a non-plastic elbow solution as I was.

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Pretty damn cool. Who made them? Or were they just homebrew jobs?
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I think the guy who is selling them made them himself, or had them made for him. Although I can think of many cooler ways to make an Aluminum Elbow, this one is the only one I have ever seen. For the purposes of a VM, it's way cool. It would work on any other non-verticle feed as long as you were willing to drill into the permanent feedtube or let the set screws scratch it all up.

Something with a clamping bottom would be waaaay cooler (hint hint hint to those with a milling machine and the knowhow)

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