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Pump Pistol Play

So, since acquiring my pair of PGP's, cleaning and fixing up, I have yet to get them out for some fun..... Well, today was that day

Was playing with a mixed group of renters and owners (about 50/50). We were playing outdoors of course. Renters were pretty good and the owners were not that bad either

I must say, after playing pump for the last 4 years and now pump pistol! WOW! Just frigging WOW!. The PGP's were spot on all day! Out of about 50 shots (7 hours of play time) I managed to tag about 30-35 people. It got to the point that people were running away from me on the field during games because they didnt want to get shot! even gun owners shooting EGO's and G3's.

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Welcome to the club! When I got back from Iraq I played a few weekends with a sidekick stock. It was a blast and I was tagging people left and right. that and it chrono'd 280 without me touching it and is perfectly sighted to my red dot. Really got me hooked on pistols!
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Guys who play with stock-class pump pistols will forever have my respect. I mean, I'll take on electro players with my Zeus anyday, but I wouldn't even dream of trying to play a whole day with a PGP lol...
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I will admit, I was a little nervous at first lol seeing as there were LOTS of people and a good count of gun owners. But seeing as it went very well I will be rocking the PGP's for awhile now
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For the longest time I have only played with my DSG. Then a while ago I picked up a T8 to try. It was pretty cool, I had a really good time playing with a pistol. Now when I go to the field I bring my DSG and my t8 and usually play with both sometime during the day.
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Thing's lucky it scampered off because I would have skulled it to death if I'd managed to get my hands on it.
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First time I took my PGP out I was in jeans, a t-shirt, and mechanic gloves. I had some 10-rounders in my back pockets and a few 12ies as well. I have never played as sneakily or aggressively as i did that day! It's a whole new experience with that ultimate "handicap" (or as I like to call it, advantage). That one day of play has more or less caused me to swear off electros altogether, just because of how wasteful they allow me to be. I especially loved the rush I got when stalking my prey, and the sense of pride i got when I survived all but one of the few games we played, and nothing had ever felt so good as when I one-ball headshotted my friend from a good distance away (i'm a terrible judge of distance, but I was far enough away that she couldn't see me peeking from behind a tree)!
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This is a no pants kind of party so you should be good.
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I've played with my PGP and also my AGD Sydarm. Both pistols have been awesome. The biggest thrill was watching everyone on the opposing team worry about me and go out of their way to find and eliminate me. Must have bothered them to have a guy with a pistol out there against them. And I can also say that the "one shot one kill" was very satisfying considering some of those guys sprayed 1/2 a hopper to get one newbie, with one hit I might add. Proof positive that volume does not compensate for Skill(or luck). Hang on to the pistol and practice that Quality of shooting.
It's also nice to play for hours on end with only $10 worth of paint and 12ies
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it's alway's good to see post like this... i've all but sold off everything paintball and almost stopped playing now... but the my PGP is still in the paintball box with ... i feel most comfortable with the pgp...

i still remember the feeling of my first pgp game... it's one of a few paintball memories i can actually recollect more than others...

you will only get better!
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Oh for sure! I only plan on working on this and getting more skilled..
I have played pump only for the last 4 years now so this was the next logical step in my skill building.

Wish I had a mask camera to record the events

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Originally Posted by cjottawa View Post
My pump-pistol is my sole gun. One on one, I'll take on anyone.
this is no lie. I have had the displeasure of facing CJ many times, or the pleasure of watching 3 guys move in on the sole-survivor CJ thinking they have the silly pistol guy dead to rights, only to quickly join me in the deadbox.

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