Sidearms Bring on the Pistols! From Splatmasters to modern day semi-auto pistols.

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I carry a Tac8 as a sidearm. In scenarios I have used it numerous time when my main gun went down, either due to an empty air tank, broken ball in the breech, etc. I have also use it in transition when I have to get close and sneaky.
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I've actually used my Delta68 as a sidearm once ... sorta.
At the Tippy challenge this year here, we had tanks, and thus special anti-tank color paint.
Rather than keep dumping my hopper each time me and the beast had a confrontation ... I loaded the Delta68 with AT paint and that solved that issue. Worked good enough for two comfirmed kills.
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...Not sure what that was
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I carried a Zeus G2 as a sidearm, twice. First time, no problems! Second time, i made a ballsy run up the tape line, got shot out. On the way back, i looked down on the ground, and was like..."What the hell, someone left a Zeus G2 just sitting here on the ground...."

Came flying out of the holster while running, after that, i carry my "sidearms" as a primary...
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Originally Posted by Ieo View Post
I don't need it in my hands....the picture is right there. Cool thing about pictures: they give you an accurate representation of what something will look like. They've been doing it since 1822, or so I'm told.
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With an X7 on the way, I plan on carrying my T8 more often now; especially until i'm used to the cyclone feed and e-trigger.

I always carry it playing long woodsball games now too though, I frequently use a backbottle automag with one of those Sportshot 100rnd hoppers; it's small, light and is usually all I need. Early this year there were a few games where we'd get into massive firefights around clearings or defensable hills; as much as i'm an 'accuracy, not volume' type player, sometimes you just don't have time to reload.

Plus it's awesome having the pistol in your left hand after sucessfully stealing a flag and covering the flagrunner.

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Basically always. I get smited by Velcor enough that I learned to always have 2 guns on me.
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I carry a nightmare LB comp as a sidearm... does that count? Oh and I have a TPX too. Both got pulled yesterday during the games at the field I play at. A stock snapping took out my A-5 in a very final way and I had to go to another gun mid-game.
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I play pump main and I use the pistol as a backup like if I'm getting rushed or if I need to take a castle . So I use it for close quarters mainly tho as of yet I havnt found a pistol I'm totally happy with.
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my local field allows you to pull a sidearm if your primary gets hit, so I allways try to pack a t8. I might draw it once per day, but there have been a few times It's all I had to finish the game with.
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Thats a pretty kool rule -I played primary Spyder/a4000 scepter grenade launcher (remote) with my T8 as a side then one day I unstrapped the velcro dropped the gun and line... Pulled out the T8 - RAN- and never turned back
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I play woods ball, 5 or 10 minute games and try to carry a sidearm whenever I can - simple reason, I shoot a shocker NXT and the thing will stop firing for no reason at all at least once a day, I also have no luck with hoppers and can rely on my loader to go down at least once a day as well, have carried and resorted to a DSDS, splatmaster and goblin solo in the past. (waiting on a seals kit for my pgp, then that'll probably be my go to side arm with the solo as the back-up to that).

As for what I do with the shocker - leave it where it breaks, it's an honest lot I play with (that and most of them have better guns anyway)
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