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quick question, what is the diffrences between the old and new co2 clips?
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well - just like my sex life, I have taken matters into my own hands:
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one of them shot out of the gun IIRC

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If you own an SA-17, look inside the Co2 chamber.

If you see 2 semi-long pieces of plastic, you have the old design. If you are a moron and try to eject a FULL 12gram, or one that still has half-a-dozen or more shots, you'll get a Co2 rocket. I've never had this happen.

If you see one semi-long piece of plastic, and 2 tiny black clips with metal along the inside, you have the new design. I do not endorse doing this, but if you bash those clips out, and set the 'long' piece near where the back of the Co2 would normally rest, you now have an 'old' style SA-17 in function. The downside is, if it slides forward your Co2 won't puncture properly.
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I purchased one of these from an eBay store and I'm currently trying to get my money back. The marker would never hold pressure and would vent the entire 12 gram. I had cocked the marker before airing it up and I'm using quality 12 grams. The problem now is I'm getting the run around from this seller as they are saying that they are just the distributor for the marker and I need to go to BT for my refund which is total crap. I told them BT doesn't have my money you do, I even called BT and they told me I'm getting the run around. Anyways hopefully my refund comes through and I can then wash my hands of eBay.
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Well, I bought myself an SA-17 for a pretty good price a couple weeks ago, and I am thoroughly impressed. 13 shots to start off with is amazing. Currently I am getting 40 shots at around 240. Accuracy is decent. It is big. Pleasantly big. It feels like hauling around a desert eagle.

I need to figure out some way to incorporate some sort of sight on there. Currently I aim down the driver side of the pistol, as it is the best way to sight down the barrel.

This next part will make your marker extremely dangerous if you are not careful. Do not do this.

The 12 gram system on this marker is the best I have ever used. Needed some modification to get there though. I removed the front and rear clips by pinching them in the center with a pair of needle nose pliers after taking off the barrel and insert. This leaves only the large metal clip in the center.

This allows you to pop open the 12 gram door and the 12ie flies out straight down. I can shoot 40 times and then blast the 12ie out and slap in another one in about 2.5 seconds. I used a red dot clamp with a thumb screw on it on the bottom picatinny rail to create a knob I can press on to open the 12 gram door. This also allows my hand to be completely out of the way when a 12 gram is changed. The 12ie goes staight down every time.

This is my favorite pistol so far.

Pics to come.
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